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29 Sep


Thanks for stopping by my little
Warrior platform
The message here does not exactly
Make most people swarm

To join and comment since most truths
Of which I speak are tough
Most normals get offended
And storm off in a huff

My message is not for those weaklings
But for folks like you
The 1-in-100, the Warrior
Who knows what’s true

Is rarely easy, comfortable
Or pleasant, so may I
Take this moment to say thanks
For being an ally

The Follower

29 Sep

The Follower

The follower is someone who
Asks other people what is true
Instead of having faith that they can feel

What’s a shortcut, what is wrong
What is selfless, wise and strong
They want others to lead to what is real

The Christian asks the pastor if
A certain act will cause a tiff
With Jesus Christ or the Lord up above

They ask if it’s okay although
Deep inside they already know
But hope they will not have to try so hard

The new Buddhist asks the old guard
If using booze and drugs are barred
The so-called expert says, “Indeed they are!”

Same for Muslims and Hindus
And most other religious views
They look to ancient text for what to bar

For what to prohibit and ban
Since their rigid dogma began
Always looking to rules long ago

They ask others who learned the text
On what to do and not do next
And always this present moment forgo

The WARRIOR follows nobody
Because they know for them to see
Their own truth they must disregard the writing

And instead search their CONSCIENCE for
The answers, even if a chore
And even if it says, “CONTINUE FIGHTING”

The follower’s a lazy lot
A coward who cannot be taught
Because they lack the confidence to search

The truths which can be off-putting
Afraid of unstable footing
And so they retreat to their sheltered church

They follow all the other sheep
And pile in and fall asleep
And walk out thinking that they’ve been empowered

It’s just an attack on the soul
To be told you’re not in control
It creates not the brave, instead; a coward

They’re told, “You’re only human!” and
“Nobody’s perfect!” “You’re not grand!”
“You’re flawed!” “You have limits to your potential!”

The Warrior chuckles with a scoff
And with a snarl says, “PISS OFF!”
“To me weaklings will not be influential!”

“No addict to comfort will guide
To your limits I won’t abide
You can’t tell me that I cannot let go

Of hurt and pain and everything
That makes the weakling normal sing
Of sorrow, sadness, angst, woe, doubt and fear

I AM A WARRIOR so please
Step out of my way while I seize
My courage, grace, peace, happiness and cheer

While you just follow and you hope
It will be a ‘Good day’ and mope
When shit hits fan and challenges arise

And turn to sources that just keep
Your potential crippled and weep
Because you’ve been fed such limiting lies”

Warrior Self-Defense

26 Sep

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.” ~Helen Keller

Warrior Self-Defense

When someone points a finger and says
I’ve said something wrong
I don’t feel need to go into
A self-defending song

Because those who aren’t fans of my
Warrior mentality
Are weaklings who get upset when
I say, “I disagree”

They don’t get what they want and so
They wear a “Boo-Boo Face”
They cry to everyone and show
Not much poise, tact, or grace

They gossip, whine and tattle since
Their weak words hold no weight
With me because I hear the truth
This is what I translate:

Their words say, “I am selfish” and
“I have no empathy”
“I think just of myself” and “I
Am spoiled, I’m not free

Of ego’s hold, I want, I want
And if I do not get
I whine! I cry! I hurt! Complain!
I moan, gripe and I fret!”

I never feel need to defend
My words because I know
It would make me as pathetic
As my cowardly foe

I know the truth is too complex
For such a simple mind
The ignorant and selfish are
To my motives quite blind

And so I just have one response
To weaklings who accuse
That I’m insensitive, that I
Lack tact, that I abuse:

“Pathetic,” is my rebuttal
“Pathetic, through and through”
The word “pathetic” cuts real deep
Because they know it’s true

‘Contemptibly inadequate
So why on Earth would I
Waste more than three syllables
When I give my reply?

Peaceful Warriors

22 Sep

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent. The pursuit of truth does not permit violence on one’s opponent.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

“Violence, even well intentioned, always rebounds upon oneself.” ~Lao Tzu

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” ~Isaac Asimov

“Nothing good ever comes of violence.” ~Martin Luther

Peaceful Warriors

Some people like to use the term
Of “Warrior” to reaffirm
Their views on martial arts and other fighting

But “Warrior” to me does not
Involve a kick or knee or shot
To ribs, nor does it involve slaps or biting

It doesn’t have to do with punching
Leg sweeps, trips, throws, chops or crunching
These fighters I believe misuse the word

“Warrior!” they shout with fists
All balled up while they tape their wrists
But all I see is cowards who are stirred

To hurt and maim while they “defend”
Who are rigid instead of bend
They are not Warriors in my own eyes

Anyone who says to throw
A punch or kick to inflict woe
And pain and hurt is simply telling lies

A Warrior has peaceful heart
A Warrior will never start
A fight, nor do they finish one as well

To inflict pain is not their way
If needed, they will run from fray
Instead of causing someone else to swell

Or bruise or bleed or fall to ground
A true Warrior will never pound
A true Warrior has great empathy

And is directly linked into
Another person’s point of view
And usually, with courage, makes them see

That it does not need to degrade
To such a violent charade
A Warrior can look them in the eye

And rather than with aggression
They meet that threat of oppression
With calmness in their voice as they defy

With grace and poise and control that
Can diffuse anger behind bat
Or knife or gun or weapon that they wield

The peaceful Warrior needs no
Boxing, Kung Fu or Jeet Kun Do
Because they use their wisdom as their shield

Warrior Voices

19 Sep

Warrior Voices

I hear voices in my head
Of Warriors who’re long since dead
Though they are gone, their songs I still can hear

While other’s voices say, “It’s bad!”
And make the hearer stressed and mad
My voices always make one thing quite clear

It’s not a “bad day” or “bad week”
Things don’t look difficult or bleak
My voices snarl and roar, “You will survive!”

My voices say, “You can do this!”
And any doubts they do dismiss
The voice of Warriors help me to thrive

I’m blessed to have them in my ear
To constantly stave off my fear
While others let their voices hold them back

While others listen to the frail
Pathetic voice which says, “You’ll fail”
My Warriors bellow, “Attack! Attack!”

Weight Loss Tricks

16 Sep

Warning: The following is for Warriors only. Not intended for weak, sensitive, easily offended , soft normals.


Weight Loss Tricks

Bombarded by all of the ads
All of the latest tricks and fads
New shortcuts that have not been tried before

Let me be bearer of bad news:
If you buy in, you’ll only lose
When you engage in that fat-burning war

The trainers and nutritionists
And pro-fighters who tape up their fists
And have a six-pack can’t save you at all

Even I, who’ve conquered my
Long battle with large gut and thigh
Don’t have the inspiration or the gall

To claim that I can enlighten
All that my “tricks” do is frighten
“Suffer” is all the advice I will give

Sweat and hurt and be stretched past
The point you thought you couldn’t last
Keep going when you’d much rather not live

Keep going when your sides both stab
Deep underneath all of  that flab
Keep going when your body says, “I quit!”

And only then will knowledge dawn
On you that you possess the brawn
To overrule the mind and not submit

To not depend on any tricks
Or rely on someone to fix
The flabby mess that you made all yourself

The most effective way to lose
The weight is to light your own fuse
Under your own ass and take back your health

To have accountability
To look in the mirror and see
The culprit who did this misdeed to you

Yourself; the one who chose great taste
Which left your own body disgraced
And left you feeling bloated, slow and blue

The naysayers will jump in, hurt
And angrily remind and blurt:
“No, Miro! You must love yourself they say!”

To that I strongly disagree
I love NO ONE who does hurt me
And that includes myself if I betray

My own body with choices that
Will leave me feeling weak and fat
The one who makes that choice can go to hell

I’ve killed that enemy within
Who caused my bad knees and stretched skin
And now I am lithe, toned and muscles swell

I’ve earned the right to have self love
Because I fought to get rid of
The “tricks and shortcuts” to transform my body

I stopped searching for someone to
Save me from all that was so true:
It was my fault that I had become shoddy

Know Thyself

7 Sep

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu

I had a conversation at work recently that the other party wasn’t very happy with by the end. Bottom line was that he wanted a certain thing that he couldn’t have and he felt he was an exception to the rule. I disagreed. Although the entire conversation was conducted in a professional manner from my end, he made a complaint to my manager accusing me of being unprofessional.

In these types of situations where someone points an accusing finger, we’re typically supposed to feel threatened and go on the defensive. This is our undoing, because appearing defensive often shows the other person that our emotions can be easily influenced by others, which somewhat legitimizes their criticism.

As my manager asked me for my side of the story, rather than getting worked up that someone would say such dishonest things and make such false accusations, I simply smiled and said I knew this conversation was coming, and was surprised it had taken this long to take place. As a Warrior, I willingly walked into the fire, even asking “What kept you?” rather than dread it as the normals do.

I proceeded to calmly explain that the complaint was coming from a spoiled rotten brat and a bully. A manipulative man who seemed to always get what he wants, and when he’s tested, he gets a boo-boo face and does something pathetic such as making a complaint to my manager in an attempt to hurt me. I informed my manager that I spoke to this person on the phone in the same manner that I was speaking now, and the same manner as I speak to everyone. I don’t tip toe on eggshells. I don’t believe in pandering to people. I tell it like it is, devoid of emotion, and I have no issues with telling someone “No” when I’m following an edict handed down to me by upper management.  I also don’t believe in giving someone what they want simply because they get upset. The opposite in fact. Too many people throw a fit to get what they want. Their parents did them a disservice and now they’re children running around in an adult’s body. I finished by saying “You can’t always get what you want.” I reminded him of my recent trials and the grace I maintained through them, and asked him if losing my unborn child didn’t cause me to lose my grace or control, then how much chance did this pathetic man have in doing so? I had the courage to trust myself and my past actions absolutely, and not one iota of doubt ever entered my mind.

In the end, my manager believed me. And you know what? It doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter what he thinks, and it doesn’t matter what this person who made the complaint thinks. It also doesn’t matter to me when someone pays me a compliment, thanking me for my dedication (that’s balance). I inquired about making my own complaint against him to his manager, which my manager thought was unnecessary. I let the notion go immediately, just as I let everything else go when it’s not in the cards, because I don’t care what that employee’s manager thinks either.

None of these people’s opinions matter to me because I know the truth. I know myself, and I know that I’m understanding, I employ empathy and I always go the extra mile, but I also know a selfish asshole when I hear one. I know a bully who uses intimidation to get his or her way when they don’t get what they want, and I know I have the courage to say “No” and the grace to not allow someone’s wounded ego to control my emotions. I’m not Deepak Chopra or Mahatma Gandhi. Never claimed to be. The “love everyone, especially those who are hard to love” mentality doesn’t work for me and never has. I’m more of a “What is not for you is against you, what is against you is your enemy and you need to conquer it” kind of guy. I recognize the selfish, manipulative, unempathetic pieces of garbage when they cross my path, and I give them exactly what I feel they need. Not love, not a soft and gentle voice, but a stern and adamant “I disagree” or “That doesn’t work for me.” They are the way they are not because of their losses but because of everything they’ve been privileged to have. I feel it’s my duty to keep them from having one more thing if they appear to me to be someone who throws a hissy fit when they don’t once again get their way. It’s my astronomical losses that have given me the ability to let things go in the blink of an eye and not be emotionally affected by not getting what I want. It was being spoiled earlier in life that caused me to get upset or unhappy whenever I didn’t get what I wanted. It’s losing two babies and being in constant physical pain that’s allowed me to be unaffected today whenever something doesn’t go the way I planned it to. I’ve lived both lives and have paid attention to my reactions in both mindsets, and it’s helped me understand others. It’s being honest with myself that has given me this absolute confidence.

I know myself, and I fully trust myself. I made no apologies to my manager, and said this tactic was intended to simply make me question my actions going forward, which I wouldn’t be doing. I hope this story serves as a lesson; that an accusing finger doesn’t have to “ruin your day.” It is possible to have the confidence to simply let it roll off your back, and that confidence will shield you from the pathetic, sniveling attacks of selfish, cowardly brats as long as you know yourself, and you know that your motives are not self-serving.