No Thing Makes You Cool

19 Jul

No Thing Makes You Cool

The old man cruises by in his
Exotic vintage car
He gets some stares and thinks he’s cool
He feels like a big star

The young man pops his collar and
He flaunts his pricey clothes
He gets some stares and thinks he’s cool
As he stops to strike pose

The young woman does a full spin
To show off her new dress
She gets some stares and thinks she’s cool
As young men do profess

Their admiration, and they all
Get sucked into a lie
That something that they have purchased
With money does imply

That they are cool, that they are suave
That they have chic and class
Not a single one of these
Is something we amass

With money, they are all just things
Which over course of time
Grow boring, dull, monotonous
And lose luster and shine

So many fall into habit
Of buying more and more
Always spending more money
So others will adore

The Warrior does not rely
On wallet to impart
What they’re all about, instead
They show it through their heart

Through actions and intensity
Through sacrifice and grace
They know that no thing makes you “cool”
And don’t bother to chase

The latest fad, the newest trend
Or fanciest new toy
They’ve come to realize that “cool”
Is not the same as “joy”


One Response to “No Thing Makes You Cool”

  1. Eric Tonningsen at 7:01 pm #

    If only more would experience “…it through their heart…” It is good that some of us know and practice this essence of being.

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