Mr. Resistance

6 Jul

“What is not for you is against you. What is against you is your enemy and you need to kill it. Your fears. Your doubts. Your lack of confidence. Your lack of belief in a destiny. A certain, absolute destiny you have to do something unique and great on this planet while you are here. Anything that stands in the way of that, any ‘Mr. Resistance,’ no matter the stature of that motherfucker, you need to kill him.” ~Ultimate Warrior

Mr. Resistance

You wake up in the morning and
He’s breathing down your back
Mr. Resistance is standing
And ready to attack

Before you can even roll out
Of bed to start your day
Mr. Resistance pushes you
To back the other way

If by chance you can plow through
And get yourself all dressed
He’ll climb aboard your back so that
You constantly feel pressed

You’ll have to drag your feet if you
Want to keep making strides
Mr. Resistance won’t help you
When on your back he rides

He makes the gravity feel twice
As strong as it may be
And don’t believe for a moment
That he will set you free

He’ll drag you down and make you feel
Like not doing your work
And as you sit down on the couch
This fiend will slowly lurk

And wait for you to get the itch
To get up and get moving
But once he’s on your back again
You’ll have a war removing

This advocate of laziness
This champion of slug
Mr. Resistance sees you try
That’s when you feel his tug

The only way to break free of
His power-draining cling
Is grab the nearest baseball bat
And let that sucker swing!

Don’t just swing for fences, that’s
Not far enough for him
Mr. Resistance needs to be
Sent back to somewhere grim

Swing for deepest, darkest parts
Of Hell and send him reeling
Send that draining vampire
Back home, the whole way squealing

And with the strength you have left in
Yourself, train your forearms
Train them extra, extra hard
Because of the alarms

That will go off the next morning
When he returns once more
Mr. Resistance will be back
And down your neck he’ll bore

You’ll need the extra strength to beat
Him back because he’ll be
Twice as pissed when he returns
Or maybe even three

Grab that bat and swing with all
You have and don’t hold back
Swing and pound and stab and strike
And fend off his attack

And if you are successful then
Get ready for a war
Tomorrow it starts all again
He’ll be back with a roar

But just remember you have what
It takes to knock him out
Taking back your life by force
Is what it’s all about


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