Controlling Our Thoughts

28 Jun

Source of Inspiration

Change your thoughts...

We will be at our highest
moral culture when we
understand that we must
control our thoughts.

If you allow your mind
to ramble without purpose,
explore areas of darkness,
dwell in resentment or fear,
your mind becomes a cesspool
for you and others.

It is not a New Age
concept that we manifest
our realities. Observe the
lives of people who practice
no control of their thinking.
They are slaves to TV, marketing
ploys, political corruption,
cultural demands with which
they may not agree, etc.

Where we put our focus becomes
our reality–a magnet of
self-fulling prophesy.

Just the opposite can occur.
With well conceived thoughts,
we remain in balance, focused,
firm…both individually and
as all of humanity. Consider
what could be accomplished if
seven billion people focused
their thinking on the same goals.

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