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Food for Thought

30 Jun

Controlling Our Thoughts

28 Jun

Source of Inspiration

Change your thoughts...

We will be at our highest
moral culture when we
understand that we must
control our thoughts.

If you allow your mind
to ramble without purpose,
explore areas of darkness,
dwell in resentment or fear,
your mind becomes a cesspool
for you and others.

It is not a New Age
concept that we manifest
our realities. Observe the
lives of people who practice
no control of their thinking.
They are slaves to TV, marketing
ploys, political corruption,
cultural demands with which
they may not agree, etc.

Where we put our focus becomes
our reality–a magnet of
self-fulling prophesy.

Just the opposite can occur.
With well conceived thoughts,
we remain in balance, focused,
firm…both individually and
as all of humanity. Consider
what could be accomplished if
seven billion people focused
their thinking on the same goals.

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Pay the Rent

23 Jun


Looking Bad

17 Jun

“Rancor is an outpouring of a feeling of inferiority.”
~Jose Ortega y Gasset

Looking Bad

For those who choose to walk the path
That Warriors walk down
Be warned that those on the sidelines
Will meet you with a frown

For those who choose to stand apart
And of themselves ask more
Most others will not be inspired
And they will not adore

The Warrior is not cheered on
By the majority
Trying harder for the lazy
Ain’t their cup of tea

They’re made to feel inferior
Because they care too much
About what others are doing
Because they’re out of touch

With their own strength, potential and
Abilities ’cause they
Choose the easy shortcut to
Have the most care-free day

And those who walk into the fire
Out of their comfort zone
Make the rest “look bad” and so
They do cajole and groan

They discourage those who try harder
So they won’t seem slow
They feel stunted around all those
Who strive to learn and grow

“You’re making us look bad!” they think
But never pay them mind
A Warrior does see the truth
But for the rest; they’re blind

And deaf and nothing you can do
Will get the message home
Don’t waste your time explaining, just
Keep on that path and roam

They’ll do their best to slow you since
Your progress makes them see
Their lack of movement towards being
All that they can be

The Warrior cares little if
They make others feel less
“Lead, follow or get out of
My way,” they do profess

“Do not slow my journey or
I’ll run right over you
And that will truly make you have
A negative self-view”



Warrior Luck

15 Jun


Law of Attraction

10 Jun

“We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” ~unknown

magnetLaw of Attraction

Attraction’s law is quite simple
To understand, my friends
It states that what comes to one is
Exactly what one sends

A grumble and a groan on Monday
Morning? Wait and see
What that kind of mindset attracts
It brings grimness to thee

A sigh and sorrow when challenge
Appears to block your path?
That attitude will not bring strength
Instead, just hardship’s wrath

To say “I cannot do it” is
To simply speak what’s true
Those with no faith in themselves
Are right, they seldom do

But those who are more careful with
The message they put out
Those who do not cry, lament
Complain, bemoan and pout

Attract exactly what they send
If they proclaim, “I’m strong!”
Then strength will come to them no matter
If the day is long

Those who beat their chest and say
“This challenge I will beat!”
Attract the fortitude to never
Feel sting of defeat

Those who say, “I will survive!
I’ll thrive! I will endure!”
Attract vitality, longevity
Clout and allure

Blame no one but yourself for all
That you attract each day
If negativity is everywhere
It’s ‘cause you say

Negativity when you
Could make another choice
So what today will you attract
With your magnetic voice?


The Tale of the Bloodless Stone

8 Jun

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

The Tale of the Bloodless Stone

There once was a pair of cold stones
That butted each other all day
Sparks always flew
As they both turned the screw
And had nothing too pleasant to say

One day both stones chose to depart
Their last words were not very nice
Many years passed
And neither stone asked
For peace because of the high price

But something strange started to happen
To one of the stones over years
Instead of departing
When trouble was starting
This stone stood its ground and faced fears

And slowly but surely this stone
Through the magic of courage and grace
Transformed to a man
And in his veins began
Pumping warm blood to his face

And to his arms, legs and whole body
It trickled with the slightest nick
“That’s a hell of a thing!”
They heard this man sing
As he cleaned it away with a lick

Where once he was cold and rock solid
So rigid and uncaring too
Now he was warm
Different from the norm
An amazing change he had gone through

He wondered if his old stone friend
Had maybe gone through the same change
But when they did meet
Old friend was concrete
And it thought that the man was quite strange

The man tried to show how with little
Effort he could make blood trickle
When he beckoned the stone
He received just a groan
The stone, you see, was very fickle

It was still quite rigid and cold
Because warm blood did not flow through
Its veins deep inside
Within was just pride
And soon he knew this to be true:

Just because you do transform
Into something more than a rock
That doesn’t mean all
Have heard the same call
And have figured out how to unlock

The way to get blood from a stone
Through patience, forgiveness and love
Some stones are content
To just sit there and vent
To complain, feel abused and just shove


from Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. VI: Patience.


7 Jun



“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, BE NOTHING.”
― Aristotle

The price you pay for having your creative voice be heard or creative vision be seen is having to hear the criticism of people who don’t have the courage or fortitude to put themselves on display for all to nitpick.

I find such “critics” to almost never employ any kind of balance in their critiques. They gleefully and snidely pick apart every so-called flaw, and yet rarely show any kind of balance by expressing passion or exuberance for what was done WELL.

Let the following phrase be your shield against any hater or critic who tries to steal your joy away: “Now say something encouraging.” I guaran-damn-tee you if you pay close attention, most of the time they won’t light up with excitement as they talk about the silver lining or saving grace of your creation.

And that, my friends, is what a true critic is; an imbalance. Everything in, nothing out (except negativity). A cowardly, hateful, selfish creature that’s only here to act as a parasite. Don’t you dare allow anybody to ever discourage you from putting something out there for fear that “they” won’t like it. Just remember: “they” don’t like anything, and nothing you can ever do will change that. I’ve posted hundreds of writings in spite of the few critics who tried to discourage me. They will never discourage me from being creative, and they should never discourage you either.

Make a great weekend,