Owning It

19 May
“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
Owning It

Balance is the pinnacle
The highest we can reach
Imbalance causes everyone
To moan and cry and screech

Imbalance of owning just joy
But when struggle appears
Saying “No thank you!” and running
Away from their fears

Peace through balance, symmetry
Light and dark on both sides
Enjoying calm, low waters and
Reveling in high tides

Where this is of most importance
Is owning what you’ve done
When great accomplishment is made
Your efforts, do not shun

They’ll warn you to be modest and
Be humble, show reserve
A Warrior knows there are few
Who will see all the work
That was expended and don’t care
If they seem like a jerk

For boldly saying, “I tried harder
And I would not quit
And if you think that’s arrogant
Well, I don’t give a shit!”

And on the other side of things
For balance to exist
When Warriors fail miserably
It is never dismissed

The Warrior will own that too
“I did the best I could
I came up short, apologies
I know will do no good

Instead of saying ‘sorry’ I
Will try harder next time
I own every accomplishment
And I own every crime”

To own a failure will befuddle
Most who just avoid
They know not of the confidence
That won’t leave you annoyed

Whenever things don’t go as planned
To own a great defeat?
To not make any excuses
And still on chest to beat?

To boldly proclaim, “Yes, I failed!
I own it, it is mine!
No sorries or excuses
A Warrior won’t whine!”

No life can be perfect and
No one can escape loss
Peace is not an upward line
Instead, it’s straight across

Good with bad, struggle with ease
Discomfort with pleasure
The ones most miserable are those
Who only want leisure

They only want to own the ‘nice’
And balk at what is hard
The Warrior embraces bliss
As well as being scarred

The Warrior’s symmetrical
A being in the middle
To other Warriors, a light
And to normals, a riddle


One Response to “Owning It”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker May 22, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    Balance is the key……. Light and dark are within us all….. finding that balance and owning our mistakes as well as our achievements .. Well said Miro.
    ~Peace Sue

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