Uncommon Sense

4 May

“Common sense is not so common.”― Voltaire

Uncommon Sense

Common sense should be renamed
Because it is so rare
“Common’s” not a word I’d use
‘Cause many do not care

“Sense” in this case is used to
Describe a person’s grasp
On simple truths but most folks simply
Scoff or whine or gasp

It makes “sense” to not poison your
Body with chemicals
And yet there’s many with no sense
When the nicotine pulls

It makes “sense” to not get upset
Over things that don’t matter
And yet there are so many who
Allow their peace to shatter

It makes “sense” to push our bodies
To their physical verge
And yet there there are so many who
Go to buffets and splurge

And consume countless calories
Without the sense they can’t
Possibly use them all up
Instead, on couch they plant

Their lazy butts and watch TV
Consume, consume, consume
And never have the sense to see
Creation’s how you bloom

Creating healthy body, mind
Creating iron will
Doing work required and
Employing sense and skill

Common sense does not exist
This I know for a fact
If it did, I’d have more mentors
Who’ve had great impact

Instead I just have a handful
Who have uncommon sense
Their influence on me has been
Uncommon and immense

Resulting in the warrior poet
That you see now
1-in-100 who always
Keeps his intense vow

To not be influenced by weak
And selfish cowards who
Allow their “common sense” to blind them
From all that is true

From all that’s challenging, invigorating
And unique
It’s these difficult things that lead
To strong mind and physique


One Response to “Uncommon Sense”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker at 10:30 am #

    Some Miro have not the common sense they were born with! .. True insight!

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