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Embrace the Struggle

31 May

My friend Julienne (Trixie!) shared this great article with me all about embracing struggle (see my recent poem “Love It All”), fighting resistance (see “Mr. Resistance”) and calling upon the greatest ally you’ll ever know: the Warrior within.
I don’t expect this concept to be something people will instantly get and immediately put into effect. It’s one of those pesky seeds of truth that, over time, will eventually sprout because the simple truth is that not embracing the struggle simply doesn’t work, and eventually everyone who runs and hides has to be honest with themselves and admit it.
Check the article out at:

Love It All

29 May

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~Mother Teresa

Love It All

Gurus speak of how you must
Embrace the world with love
How you must be a vessel for
Creator up above

How love should permeate throughout
Your heart and bones and soul
“Love’s the only way!” they say
To dig out of the hole

And though this Warrior Poet
Will often disagree
With what the masses say, with this
I’ll heartily agree

But irony is those who say
That love’s the only way
Seldom love the things that cause
Their joy to go away

They’ll say that you must love, but when
A problem rears its head
Instead of saying, “I love it!”
They’re filled with angst and dread

When tragedy befalls them, they
Will not smile and relish
The opportunity to train, instead
They act as if it’s hellish

“What an awful thing!” they cry
And sigh and furrow brow
Exuding negativity
And not keeping their vow

These “positive thinkers” who have
Their head in clouds and sand
Fail to follow own advice
When harsh world does demand

Something more than sunny days
And rainbows in the sky
“You must love!” they lie and lie
And lie and lie and lie

The Warrior exudes true love
In good times and in bad
Their love does not run dry when something
Makes the others sad

The Warrior just smiles and loves
The challenge that is brought
The chance to understand, let go
Be tested, stretched and taught

The Warrior is not selective
Warriors love all
Furry, cute kittens as well
As what makes normals bawl

Love’s the only way, it’s true
But that applies to both
The light as well as darkness which
Together give love growth


The Infiltrator

27 May

“We should look to the mind, and not to the outward appearance.”


The Infiltrator

There was a young man with long hair
As well as a long beard
Though his heart was pure, he was
Rebuffed and even feared

By people who had nice hair cuts
And wore a shirt and tie
They didn’t listen to his words
Instead, they used their eye

To form a judgement on what kind
Of person that he was
And their judgement was negative
Unwelcoming because

Of his long hair, his beard, tattoos
And piercings on his face
They told him he did “not fit in”
To find another place

To make a living, so this man
Pulled out his scissors and
Sheared his locks and facial hair
So their minds would expand

Out the piercings came and all
Tattoos were covered so
He appeared to be another
Normal, harmless schmoe

They judged him once again and liked
That nothing did stand out
His everyday appearance gained him
More respect and clout

But what these shallow folks could not
Recognize was the fire
That still resided in his eyes
The passion he had prior

That still remained despite the change
Although they all said, “Wow!
You look like a new person!”
They all failed to see just how

He had not changed one bit, in fact
His resolve just grew
To infiltrate the shallow group
Of phony people who

Wear a mask and hope that others
Will not see inside
This Infiltrator, however
Had nothing else to hide

And once his new exterior
Got his foot through the door
Those shallow, small-minded people
Would learn there’s something more

To this young man who did seem so
Traditional and bland
In time the piercings would return
And tattoos on his hand

Would be revealed and hair would grow
Again past shoulder’s length
And beard would grow back, but despite
The “new” look, same old strength

And none of this appearance change
Would matter anymore
Because they “knew him now” whereas
They had not way before

And irony is not many
Would learn the lesson here;
A long-haired, bearded, tattooed, pierced
Person should not be feared

Unless they DO something that warrants
That kind of reaction
But judging based on appearance?
That simply shows a fraction

Of brain power, awareness and
Acuity of mind
To close one’s eyes and listen is
The way we are designed

To think and discern for ourselves
Instead of being lazy
To simply let our eyes do all
The thinking is just crazy

And that is why the world needs those
Who infiltrate and show
Judging by appearance is
Something we must forgo

                                 ~For Mike


Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

24 May


Be First

23 May

From Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol 5: Resolve, available on eBookit for only $2.99.

wpw 5

Be First

“Anyone have questions?
The speaker asks and waits
Everyone does but
Just sits and hesitates

We look around the room
And wait for someone to
Muster enough courage
To give their point of view

We won’t put up our hand
And be the first to speak
Because we are too shy
Because we are too weak

Because we are too scared
Because we want a trail
That’s already been blazed
So that we will not fail

So we all sit and wait
‘Till the first hand does rise
And who it belongs to
Is of no surprise

It is a warrior
Who does not wait and follow
A courageous voice that
Is not afraid or hollow

A warrior is first
To volunteer, suggest
Propose, compel, advance
And beat upon their chest

A warrior won’t wait
To be told that it’s safe
A warrior knows that
Embarrassment won’t chafe

A warrior abhors
The silence that ensues
When rooms are filled with cowards
Who all quietly choose

To sit and shift their eyes
From side to side and hope
That someone speaks up first
So they can better cope

Don’t wait to be second
Or third, or fourth or last
A warrior’s response
Is always lightning fast

Because they do not think
About shyness or fear
Or laziness or nerves
Their action’s very clear

They never wait for others
To impact how they live
They take control and aren’t
Afraid to ever give

Their own opinion or
Their thoughts or point of view
Think about that next
Time someone asks of you:

“Any questions, comments?
Before we’re all dispersed?”
A warrior speaks up
A warrior is first



Causes vs Consequences of Anger

22 May


Owning It

19 May
“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
Owning It

Balance is the pinnacle
The highest we can reach
Imbalance causes everyone
To moan and cry and screech

Imbalance of owning just joy
But when struggle appears
Saying “No thank you!” and running
Away from their fears

Peace through balance, symmetry
Light and dark on both sides
Enjoying calm, low waters and
Reveling in high tides

Where this is of most importance
Is owning what you’ve done
When great accomplishment is made
Your efforts, do not shun

They’ll warn you to be modest and
Be humble, show reserve
A Warrior knows there are few
Who will see all the work
That was expended and don’t care
If they seem like a jerk

For boldly saying, “I tried harder
And I would not quit
And if you think that’s arrogant
Well, I don’t give a shit!”

And on the other side of things
For balance to exist
When Warriors fail miserably
It is never dismissed

The Warrior will own that too
“I did the best I could
I came up short, apologies
I know will do no good

Instead of saying ‘sorry’ I
Will try harder next time
I own every accomplishment
And I own every crime”

To own a failure will befuddle
Most who just avoid
They know not of the confidence
That won’t leave you annoyed

Whenever things don’t go as planned
To own a great defeat?
To not make any excuses
And still on chest to beat?

To boldly proclaim, “Yes, I failed!
I own it, it is mine!
No sorries or excuses
A Warrior won’t whine!”

No life can be perfect and
No one can escape loss
Peace is not an upward line
Instead, it’s straight across

Good with bad, struggle with ease
Discomfort with pleasure
The ones most miserable are those
Who only want leisure

They only want to own the ‘nice’
And balk at what is hard
The Warrior embraces bliss
As well as being scarred

The Warrior’s symmetrical
A being in the middle
To other Warriors, a light
And to normals, a riddle



Closing Fear’s Doors

17 May



17 May

A poem from

volume-ii-book-coverAvailable on eBookit for computer and mobile device in eBook for for only $7.77.


Ever notice when you take
Your friends on your house tour
There’s usually one room that gets
Passed by with a detour?

“That room’s messy!” you say in terror
“Don’t need to go in there!”
What would people think of you
If they were made aware?

Of what’s behind the door that’s closed
The room not up to par
Would they think that much less of you
If that door was ajar?

Here’s two points to think about
Next time your tour is given
The goal by which the journey through
Your dwelling should be driven

Number one, to open up
To let people inside
To show them who the real you is
And have nothing to hide

It’s not about your showing off
All of the stuff you’ve got
Letting yourself be defined
By all the things you’ve bought

It’s all about what’s in that room
That you don’t want exposed
The room that will define you best
Is one that you keep closed

The second reason to reveal
That isolated place
Is to see if your guests will
Rebuff it or embrace

By opening up to your friends
They’ll open up to you
To get their honest reaction
Give them your complete view

You may not like what they may think
If they in fact rebuff
But at least you’ve learned about
The image that they bluff

‘Cause anyone who judges others
In an adverse way
Based on what’s behind that door
Should their own room display

And on the other side of things
You might just realize
Despite all your embarrassment
Most people won’t chastise

‘Cause every dwelling has a room
That’s messy, odd or weird
People who open those doors
Are ones to be revered

Because they say, “This room is me!
So what if I’m a slob?
I’d rather throw my underwear
On floors than be a snob!

I’d rather fill a room with merch
From things that give me zeal
Than be the type of person who
Condemns for being real!”

So hats off to the folks that open
All of their closed doors
And hopefully they will inspire
You to open yours



Create Favorable Conditions

14 May