Everybody Else

24 Apr

A common response I hear from people is “Everyone else is doing it” or words to that affect, as if the fact that other people being dishonest, lazy, selfish, aloof or inconsiderate legitimizes their behavior.

For people who defend themselves by saying “others are doing it” or “others aren’t going the extra mile so why should I?” I would encourage those people to take a long, hard, close look at the examples they’re using as their defense. Are those people who are doing it too exceptional? Are they impeccable? Are they driven? Are they selfless? Do they think for themselves and blaze their own trail, or are they just a sheep following the herd, and by their actions, influencing others to follow as well?

When someone says “Well that other person is doing it,” I believe a Warrior responds by saying, “Who is that other person? Describe them to me. Tell them how passionate they are. Tell me how fearless they are. Describe to me their limits and how close they push themselves to reaching and even surpassing those limits.”

People should be more picky about who they pattern themselves after. Proximity alone is not a good enough reason to emulate another person, so take a step back, get some distance, and take a wider view of “who else is doing it.”


2 Responses to “Everybody Else”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker April 27, 2013 at 9:06 am #

    One should never do anything because someone is doing it!… One should do it because one is driven to.. What ever that maybe.. being individual and following your own path, your own heart, despite what others may think of you is testament to being a Worthy Warrior..

    When I followed my Spiritual path and let it be known of my medium skills.. I was ridiculed and labelled .. Some times we need to just be ourselves…. and worry not what others think… Following everyone else would have been the easy option .. Standing alone for your own beliefs and feelings makes you stronger.. 🙂
    Peace~ Sue

  2. Miro April 28, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    Many people fear what they don’t understand, or are jealous of what they aren’t capable of, regardless of whether the other person earned it by hard work and training, or by some other unexplainable means (“blessing,” “curse,” or some other unknown devine/cosmic purpose). I can relate, some give me an odd glance when I speak to them about empaths. A perfect opportunity to practice “no apologies.” We all need to take comfort in knowing who and what we are and having the courage to be open and honest about it. It’s usually the people who snicker, make fun or ridicule who don’t have the courage to be honest with who they really are: closed-minded, selfish or jealous cowards.

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