The Warrior’s Weight

9 Apr


The Warrior’s Weight

A Warrior is forced to carry
A weight that makes most normals weary
They shudder at the thought of all that mass

They pass the buck or run and hide
Or many mad complaints are cried
And selfishness is shown with lack of class

They throw hands up and say “I quit”
And hope someone else deals with it
And yes, they’re right, often another will

That other is one of the few
That doesn’t bitch and cry and stew
That other is a person of great skill

But they did not become that way
By magic or by words they pray
That other gained that skill because of weight

They grew in strength and grace and poise
Because they do ignore the noise
That ego makes when it says, “How I hate

To deal with something difficult
Uncomfortable, a mean insult,
An angry person, or having to wait

A task that does require sweat”
Which ego poses as a threat
And so it simply tries to pass it off

But what that lazy normal can’t
Notice, recognize or grant
Is the effect on those who do not scoff

The comfort-addict misses how
That weight they pass off does endow
A Warrior with greater strength when they

Take that task and conquer it
It makes them patient, intense, fit
And able to face threats without dismay

The normals will cry “But I’m trying!”
But Warriors know that they’re lying
Their tired lines are known to us quite well

“I’m only human!” they defend
“Nobody’s perfect!” they contend
And that is why they’ll always be in hell

They’ll settle only for perfection
Which is the ego’s infection
Of the mind which fools you into thinking

“All or nothing” which will lead
To no progress, momentum, speed
To no growth, only regression and shrinking

When normals pass the buck to me
I simply grasp and yank it free
I no longer ask them to do their chore

They’ve atrophied and don’t possess
The strength or grace to take the stress
But I do not take it without a roar

I pound my chest proverbially
And let them know that I am free
Of their weakness because I always lift

The Warrior’s Weight when it is passed
To me by those who are half-assed
A burden? Not really, that weight’s a gift

The lazy, sad pathetic sacks
Will breathe easy because their backs
Don’t bear a heavy load and they’ll rejoice

But no matter how easy they
Manage to make every day
They won’t be able to drown out the voice

Of every man and woman who
Takes that buck and does imbue
A quick comment about how it is wrong

To quit in favor of the road
That offers the much lighter load
Because it’s not one that makes you strong


5 Responses to “The Warrior’s Weight”

  1. Giancarlo Fusco April 10, 2013 at 9:33 am #

    Reblogged this on Pugilistic Paradigms.

  2. Da Absentee April 10, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

    Sound like one of my coworkers who always looking for the easy out

    • Miro April 11, 2013 at 12:12 am #

      Yes, unfortunately it seems there are many in the workplace who complete to have the easiest job possible rather than competing to see who can accomplish the most and fulfill the most potential. They’re no point in trying to reason with them or inspire them, they’re hopelessly controlled by the selfish ego. All one can do is shame them with our grace, intensity and work ethic.

  3. Will of Heart April 13, 2013 at 2:26 am #

    This piece is absolutely right, there are lots who doesn’t know the word … fair chances for everyone, it reminds me of my previous work…


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