Never Shocked

16 Dec

Don’t be fooled by others who lead you to believe you should be saddened, shocked and somber for days after each tragedy occurs. It is my heartfelt belief that a true Warrior is never shocked over anything. Therefore, a Warrior’s mood cannot be controlled by anything within the ordinary or out of the ordinary, even the most senseless tragedy. Peace & happiness is a choice, always. It’s an easy one to make when the sun in shining and everything is going your way. It’s tougher to make that choice when the news and everyone around you is wailing about how terrible something is. Tougher, but still completely within your ability to make that choice. Don’t be afraid that others will judge you as being heartless or lacking compassion. Those that would judge you in such a way are victims themselves, always at the mercy of outside factors for how they’ll feel that day. The Warrior doesn’t leave how he or she will feel RIGHT NOW up to anyone but themselves. The Warrior has seen the poor job that others do and would not in their right mind allow them to have control over their own lives.

This Warrior chooses joy, not sorrow. Today, tomorrow, and every day for the foreseeable future.

One Response to “Never Shocked”

  1. Cat Forsley December 16, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    Miro xx Good morning ……..gotta say = friday and yesterday – very sombre about what happened in Connecticut – kept away from social media / news as much as possible …..
    it really grossed me out and still does – and i know you know what i am talking about –
    it’s all so exploitive – and they are children ……

    but i know what You mean my bro x
    i am done my creative stuff til next year – vids / music all done
    time to enjoy the SEASON 🙂 ……….. no matter what
    very insightful post today Miro …….
    love xx

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