21 Nov

“It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” ~Indiana Jones


I often hear from readers that
I’m quite wise for my age
They are surprised that someone with
So few greys can be sage

As a fedora’d hero once
Described, “It’s not the years
It is the mileage” that strengthens
Enlightens and clears

There’s many silver-haired children
Who walk the Earth each day
Many years under their belt
But no wisdom to say

They lived soft, comfortable lives and
Avoided sacrifice
They ran away from challenges
That were not “kind” and “nice”

Wrinkles do adorn their faces
And their backs are stooped
But these old children with Warriors
Can never be grouped

It’s not the years but mileage
Which makes one who’s a teen
Much more understanding, introspective
And serene

Because of losses they’ve endured
And hardships they’ve survived
These fresh-faced “kids” took Hell’s best shot
And conquered, thwarted, thrived

Although I’ve not yet seen forty
I’ve walked the extra mile
Enough to make my odometer
No longer compile

Years no longer have meaning
Grey hairs don’t upset me
Wrinkles and crow’s feet don’t make me
Wail like a banshee

Because I’ve learned that years do not
Reveal wisdom accrued
The key is mileage which isn’t
As easily viewed


2 Responses to “Mileage”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker at 4:01 am #

    Yes Miro. I have seen wisdom in the eyes of. Some of the young. And although I’m past my half century mark I’m still looking for the grey hairs 🙂 thankfully. Age does not always bring with it Wisdom.

  2. Cat Forsley at 6:11 am #

    Is that You In The Hat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coool !
    I feel The same Miro ,,,,,,,,
    sometimes i feel like i am 6 ! lol
    Sue Can attest To That – I see her up There ……:)
    and sometimes i feel like i’ve been here a loooooooooong Time .
    I kind of go between The two – I Think i am happiest when I remain The child at heart
    🙂 Beautiful Poem 🙂
    Love and Peace xx

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