6 Nov

This Movember thing seems really silly to me. Growing a mustache to fight prostate cancer? Harsh ugly truth: growing a mustache doesn’t help someone with prostate cancer. What helps a man with prostate cancer is going to visit him in the hospital and sitting with him, talking to him and listening to him for a few minutes, letting him feel like a human being and not completely alone and forgotten. “But Miro,” you may be thinking, “I don’t know anybody with prostate cancer in the hospital!” Then go visit a stranger. After 15 seconds, you won’t be strangers anymore.

But that would be weird, right? Visiting a stranger that you don’t know and offering solidarity and support. That’s just crazy. It’s much more effective to grow hair on your upper lip for all those strangers who are battling for their lives that we’d rather not be around because they’re suffering…and we’d rather not be around that level of pain and struggle. It’s much easier to just put up with the slight inconvenience of having a hairy upper lip for a month. Movember is just another one of those things I shake my head at and simply say, “try harder.”

No, I’m not growing a mustache for Movember this year. Probably won’t next year either. But still, somehow, I manage to not approve of prostate cancer despite the lack of hair on my upper lip. Amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t follow the herd and choose to think for yourself.

True story.

2 Responses to “No-Mo”

  1. Mira Jay November 7, 2012 at 6:04 am #

    Different not a notion but a practice…
    Love & Light

  2. Sue Dreamwalker November 11, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    LOL, can’t believe ~ Great Warrior minds think alike… about the sitting with a person visiting etc,,, Just said that on your next post,,,
    ~Wishing you well Miro

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