Different, Different

30 Oct

Different, Different

Different, different, people who
Don’t think or talk the same as you
Different, different people that
Believe something else when you chat

They’re so different it is said twice
They’re different, different, fire and ice
They don’t adhere to all the laws
And codes which gain all our applause

We gravitate towards all those
Who worship all the same, same prose
We form our circles, groups and cliques
With those who have same, same techniques

And when we see someone who’s not
Following the beliefs we’ve got
Isn’t it funny how we
Erect the walls or simply flee?

I guess that’s why the Son of God
Is someone who leaves me so awed
He saw all those who weren’t the same
And He did not try to defame

He walked towards, embraced, took in
He didn’t balk and cry, “Such sin!”
He didn’t use words like “Strange,” “Weird”
And different, different was not feared

He opened eyes and opened heart
When most got mad and did depart
He did possess great empathy
And left everyone to be free

He wasn’t simply herding cattle
He taught that life was a long battle
He taught to think for yourself and
To disagree, to take a stand

To not bend to another’s will
While never letting your heart fill
With anger, hatred or offense
Too bad most of his flock are dense

And too close-minded to allow
A different, different way than how
The way that only works for them
And different, different they condemn



2 Responses to “Different, Different”

  1. zendictive October 30, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    strange or weird simply means different from what you are use to…. (*_*). Good post

  2. Sue Dreamwalker November 2, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    Its good to be known as different Miro, something I have for a while held a label for being and to some I’m known as weird … 🙂

    Loved reading your poem Miro

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