28 Oct


The young people today
Began a little saying
“TBH” implies
That honesty’s displaying

It stands for “To Be Honest”
And when they do begin
A sentence with those letters
The rest is truth within

I do admire these kids
Who see a world of lies
Who see the older folks
Who should be much more wise

But guard their true feelings
And put up their fake walls
‘Cause they don’t have the courage
‘Cause they don’t have the balls

To air their greivances
To express gratitude
To tell loved ones they’re loved
To not be such a shrewd

So in honor of these kids
Who TBH with heart
Let me TBH
So that I do my part

TBH I love
My brave and caring wife
Who is the grace and beauty
And strength within my life

TBH I’m proud
Of Warriors who read
These chronicles and say
It makes their fear recede

TBH I lack
Affection and respect
For Christians who fail to
Keep selfish ego checked

TBH I don’t
Fear my Lord up above
Though Bible says I should
I have no fear, just love

TBH I won’t
Let cowards spout their fear
TBH I don’t
Care what naysayers jeer

TBH I’m done
With people who don’t try
To go the extra mile
Who their own strength deny

TBH I tell
All Warriors I meet
That I have great respect
Because they are elite

TBH I’m thankful
You took the time to read
TBH I hope
You travel with Godspeed

And Warriorspeed as well
But TBH just one
In one hundred are capable
Of maintaining that run


3 Responses to “TBH”

  1. Noel Williams www.prhayz.com October 28, 2012 at 9:29 am #


  2. dontchawannadream October 28, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    Honnêtement, respect! 😉

  3. Sue Dreamwalker November 2, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    TBH Miro you are OGW… One Great Warrior… 🙂

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