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Meet The Man

31 Oct

Meet The Man

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
When trouble came about
And the person before me chose
To be angry and pout

It wasn’t when things went smoothly
And he was very pleased
I hadn’t met the real man ‘till
By challenge he felt squeezed

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
When something had gone wrong
And different man before me chose
To be graceful and strong

It wasn’t when things were quiet
And he did rarely smile
I met his true self when he bravely
Charged into the vile

“Meet The Man” I said aloud
To myself when time came
For life to rip and tear and gnash
And brutalize and maim

And only then did I find out
The true man deep inside
Only then, when with struggle
And challenge we collide

Do any of us meet the man
Or woman that is true
Funny how a “pleasant day”
Gives a dishonest view

Of who we really are and only
When we’re faced with trial
Do we reveal with honesty
Who does and doesn’t rile


Different, Different

30 Oct

Different, Different

Different, different, people who
Don’t think or talk the same as you
Different, different people that
Believe something else when you chat

They’re so different it is said twice
They’re different, different, fire and ice
They don’t adhere to all the laws
And codes which gain all our applause

We gravitate towards all those
Who worship all the same, same prose
We form our circles, groups and cliques
With those who have same, same techniques

And when we see someone who’s not
Following the beliefs we’ve got
Isn’t it funny how we
Erect the walls or simply flee?

I guess that’s why the Son of God
Is someone who leaves me so awed
He saw all those who weren’t the same
And He did not try to defame

He walked towards, embraced, took in
He didn’t balk and cry, “Such sin!”
He didn’t use words like “Strange,” “Weird”
And different, different was not feared

He opened eyes and opened heart
When most got mad and did depart
He did possess great empathy
And left everyone to be free

He wasn’t simply herding cattle
He taught that life was a long battle
He taught to think for yourself and
To disagree, to take a stand

To not bend to another’s will
While never letting your heart fill
With anger, hatred or offense
Too bad most of his flock are dense

And too close-minded to allow
A different, different way than how
The way that only works for them
And different, different they condemn



28 Oct


The young people today
Began a little saying
“TBH” implies
That honesty’s displaying

It stands for “To Be Honest”
And when they do begin
A sentence with those letters
The rest is truth within

I do admire these kids
Who see a world of lies
Who see the older folks
Who should be much more wise

But guard their true feelings
And put up their fake walls
‘Cause they don’t have the courage
‘Cause they don’t have the balls

To air their greivances
To express gratitude
To tell loved ones they’re loved
To not be such a shrewd

So in honor of these kids
Who TBH with heart
Let me TBH
So that I do my part

TBH I love
My brave and caring wife
Who is the grace and beauty
And strength within my life

TBH I’m proud
Of Warriors who read
These chronicles and say
It makes their fear recede

TBH I lack
Affection and respect
For Christians who fail to
Keep selfish ego checked

TBH I don’t
Fear my Lord up above
Though Bible says I should
I have no fear, just love

TBH I won’t
Let cowards spout their fear
TBH I don’t
Care what naysayers jeer

TBH I’m done
With people who don’t try
To go the extra mile
Who their own strength deny

TBH I tell
All Warriors I meet
That I have great respect
Because they are elite

TBH I’m thankful
You took the time to read
TBH I hope
You travel with Godspeed

And Warriorspeed as well
But TBH just one
In one hundred are capable
Of maintaining that run


Distant Bullies

25 Oct


A little story about the nature and psychology of bullies: No poems about this encounter, just another example of how “people lie” and don’t present themselves as they really are. As I was walking on the sidewalk today, a young man wearing sunglasses and a hood bobbed from side to side as he walked in “thuggish” manner. His exaggerated movements made it impossible to *not* notice him. As he passed by, he angrily looked at me and said “What the fuck you looking at?” As I continued, I heard him continue to threaten me, saying, “You got a problem? You don’t know me, don’t be lookin’ at me!” Most people would continue walking. Most would feel intimidated and think, “Oh God, I don’t need this, please just leave me alone.” Most people aren’t Warriors though…

I turned around and looked at him, despite his warning. I didn’t return any insults, nor did I look angry or exhibit any hostility towards him. I simply stood and watched him, blankly. He pulled off his sunglasses and started walking towards me and continued to spout his brave threats…until he was about 6 feet away from me. Then something typical happened. As with most bullies, he became a coward once proximity was no longer protecting him. He backed into a door to a store, flung it open, threatened me once again with bodily harm and then disappeared into the store, as if he had meant to go in all along. As he entered, I said only one word to him, calmly: “Relax.” He had no response to this person who dared look at him and tell him what to do.

Ever since I stopped walking away from bullies, this has happened on every single occasion with people who have threatened me or tried to physically intimate me. No exceptions, my friends. People continue to warn me and say “One of these days, you’re going to get yourself in trouble!” but those people are comfort addicts. Let me make it clear that I don’t approach these bullies and I don’t verbally engage them. I simply stand there and watch. You know how they say dogs can sense fear? People are similar, they can sense when someone has no fear. And it scares the shit out of them. Remember that next time someone threatens you. Remember that “people lie.” Being afraid will only feed the monster. If you simply stand your ground and give them nothing, it forces *them* to act, not react. And that’s something bullies just don’t like to do: think and act on their own.

True story.

Developing Discipline

23 Oct

Developing Discipline

How does one develop, raise
And strengthen discipline?
Self-restraint, the power to
Control, endure, to win?

Discipline is key to conquering
So many vices
But cost of discipline is the
Unlikeliest of prices

Discipline is not “gotten”
It’s already possessed
It is a trait with which you were
From birth already blessed

But it is buried underneath
The pleasures and the bliss
When it is time to have some fun
It’s what folks do dismiss

“How do I get disciplined
Like you?” some folks will ask
“You don’t get disciplined,” I say
“There’s no training or task

Discipline is what is left
When other things are lost
Discipline comes with great pain
Suffering and exhaust”

It is uncovered when your shoulders
Feel like great big spikes
Are stabbing, twisting into them
Two sudden lightning strikes

You learn just how much discipline
You have when both your knees
Are weak and you feel that you could
Be knocked down by a breeze

Your discipline is not a choice
But comes quite automatic
When you have had a few too many
Things that were dramatic

Happen in your life, the loss
Of parents, friends, a child
Losing these pieces of you
Keep you from getting riled

The trials of life will chip away
Like sculptor with a stone
It chips away at all the flesh
And meat ‘till it hits bone

And that is where your discipline
Resided all along
The iron will enabling
To be graceful and strong

*Loss* is the “big secret” to
Discovering that power
It doesn’t matter how many
Great books that you devour

It doesn’t matter how many
Great mentors instruct you
Discipline is not something
You get, gain or accrue

Maybe when you lose your health
You’ll stop having that smoke
Maybe when your heart’s diseased
And you’re told soon you’ll croak

You’ll have the discipline to eat
Foods much lower in salt
And have the strength to abstain from
The things which are at fault

Maybe when you’ve lost much more
Than most people endure
All the things which you’re addicted
To will lose allure

Wish you luck with conquering
Those vices that you fight
May you endure great loss and then
Finally see the light



21 Oct

“There are those whose sole claim to profundity is the discovery of exceptions to the rules.” ~Paul Eldridge


There is a type of person that
I call “exceptionist”
They often miss the point and let
Their fear and doubt persist

Whenever there’s a message that
Inspires and empowers
Exceptionists have one example
That makes them all cower

That one exception which holds back
Which whispers “It won’t work”
When you encounter these doubters
Don’t let your feelings lurk

Be sure to remind them that there
Will always be exceptions
But it’s important not to let
Them control your perceptions

Exceptionists are driven by
A goal that can’t be reached:
“Perfection,” which does not exist
It’s something only preached

They miss the message, can’t infer
Get stuck on one example
To them, it’s not the big picture
That’s key, it’s the small sample

By their thinking, there would be no
More Christians here on Earth
They’d have to quit because the few
Who lived life not with mirth

Millions would be called to leave
Their faith because the few
Who murdered, beat up, molested
And turned the faith askew

We’d all need to stop working out
For fear of injury
“I will not jog because I heard
Some guy blew out his knee”

And I have heard so many of
Their kind defend their smoking:
“I knew a guy who didn’t smoke
And still he wound up croaking”

Small-minded are these people
They can’t seem to infer
They always seem to gravitate
On points that will deter

They do not seem to get much done
‘Cause there’s always excuse
Something that will threaten their
Comfort and cause abuse

The warrior sees exceptions
As nothing more than fear
Warnings from the cowardly
Who can’t get ass in gear

They focus on the many who
Have faced a challenge and
Not allowed exceptions to
Scare them, but took a stand

Rose up, conquered, grew in strength
And said “Bring on the next”
All the while, exceptionist
Sits, watches and objects


Whiner Wayne

18 Oct

Whiner Wayne

There was a boy named Whiner Wayne
Who whined and cried and moaned
When something went
All messed and bent
Young Wayne just sat and moaned

And if by magic all those things
Were suddenly detained
Every trial
Turned to smile
Simply ‘cause Wayne complained

A trouble reared and quickly Wayne
Would whine, “It is not fair!”
And magically
It ceased to be
And stopped causing despair

And there were other troubles too
Which didn’t affect Wayne
He watched on net
And TV set
Other people complain

But nothing that they said or did
Made troubles go away
So Wayne breathed deep
And then did weep
And complained and did say:

“It is not fair! It shouldn’t be!”
And magically it stopped
Those irate
With all their hate
Suddenly did adopt

An understanding attitude
Because Wayne had complained
All was well
‘Cause Wayne did yell
About the things that pained

Then one day Wayne did wake up
And came to realize
That it would seem
Only in dream
Were his complaints and cries

Capable of fixing things
In real world, it helped not
To whine, to cry
To just sob, “Why?”
To be mad and distraught

And so Wayne grew to be a man
And became one of few
Who understood
It did no good
To whine and cry and stew

When others hoped that magic would
Prevent their lives decline
Silent Wayne
Would just refrain
And DO instead of whine


A Warrior’s Open Letter To Death

12 Oct

“Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.” ~The Grey

A Warrior’s Open Letter To Death

Dear Grim Reaper, I’d like to warn
That I won’t run like most
I will not flee, I will not hide
This is not a proud boast

It’s not a threat or challenge
Just a promise what’s to come
When we are face to face, this Warrior
Will not succumb

To fear, to doubt or regret ‘cause
For years I have now walked
The path that so many have only
Dreamed and wished and talked

I know you wait until some are
Breaking down and quite old
Know regardless of my grey
I’ll always be this bold

Come for me while I’m still strong
In muscle and in mind
Come for me before my ears
Go deaf and eyes go blind

And though the outcome’s definite
I only have one goal
When I do battle with you, it’s
To exact a great toll

I do not doubt your victory
But I assure one truth
If you come for me while I am
Still in my years of youth

When you are finished, you will have
To stop and take a breath
You’ll know it was a Warrior
That has just battled Death

See you somewhere down the road
On that cold, lonely night
I’m not afraid for I know it
Will be my last good fight


People Lie

7 Oct

Many people are dishonest. I’m not talking just about people who say something that’s untrue in order to get something from you. I’m talking about harsh words spoken out of anger and frustration. These words cause us so much pain and angst, but have you ever thought that maybe those awful accusations someone spat at you were a lie? That despite their harsh words and hostile emotions, they may just be lying to you in that moment of anger as well? How many times has someone called something that was great only “Pretty good?” How many times have you known someone felt a certain way about something or someone but couldn’t come out and say it? All forms of dishonesty. A lack of courage to speak from the heart and not be concerned with the consequences. Though someone screaming at you and pointing a finger may seem very real and honest to you, there’s more to their words than you may think. Don’t believe the lies…

People Lie

Has someone said something to you that cut you to the bone?
That rattled you, that made you want to just be left alone?
Something said in anger that was said to punish you
For all the supposed bad things that you say and you do?

Keep in mind before you let their words cause you much strife
How many liars you’ve encountered throughout your whole life
People lie about all things, the good, the bad, the ugly
They see something that’s wonderful and they reply quite smugly:

“That’s not bad” because they lie and can’t speak from their heart
They don’t say what they mean in fear they won’t look very smart
Or fear they will appear “too soft” or open to attack
And so they lie ‘cause courage to be honest’s what they lack

It is a shame that harsh words spoken are taken as truth
And that more people don’t make an effort to be a sleuth
And ask questions about the person who spits words of hate
Questions like, “Who is this person? Is courage their trait?

Do they exhibit honesty and selflessness and grace?
Are they the type of person who’s not afraid to embrace
And show appreciation for the beauty in this world?
Or are they most vocal when their anger must be unfurled?”

If we take a moment to assess the angry speaker
The accusations that they spit may seem a bit less bleaker
People lie, exaggerate, pull words out of their ass
Do not be affected by liars who have no class


6 Oct