21 Sep


There once was a man who did walk
To his own beat so others did mock
They called him quite “crazy”
But he thought them quite lazy
Because of how they all did gawk

And pointed their fingers and laughed
And called him “way out there” and “daft”
But what they did not know
Is they did not bestow
Upon him not the slightest cool draft

Their chilly reception: ignored
Their insults left the man quite bored
He paid little attention
To all their apprehension
And did not care if he was adored

Years later he looked back and saw
That his “crazy” ways were not a flaw
Many times he was thrilled
And made him feel fulfilled
While the “non-crazies” looked on in awe

And they spoke about all he had done
Of the intriguing tale he had spun
How thinking outside box
And being crazy like fox
Had resulted in a life of fun

It was then that the man turned to crowd
Smiled widely and proudly avowed
“It’s all you that are nuts
For just sitting on butts
And not making your voice be heard loud”

“Though you may have thought I was quite weird
Though many of you laughed or sneered
Not once did I care
As I boldly did dare
To not let one thing ever be feared”

While the ones who called names had regret
The “crazy” man owed no such debt
‘Cause he was always true
To himself and his view
And did not let name-calling cause fret


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