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30 Sep

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The Shackler

30 Sep

If you’ve put in the time, patience and effort to change something about yourself, never let someone who hasn’t been around to witness that change define you by something you’ve said or done in the past. There are people who will try to shackle you by your past actions and cause you self-doubt. What they don’t realize is those shackles are brittle and shatter with one simple question: “That was then, who am I now?” You’ll usually get a few blinks and a perplexed look that says, “I don’t know…I haven’t been paying attention lately because I’m too focused on the past.” Eliminate these short-sighted, ignorant and un-empathetic “Shacklers” from your life.

The Shackler

There was a man named Now who once did something in the past
That made a man named Cling so angry that his rage did last
Over several years and when the two met up once more
Cling reminded Now of all that he had done before

He was oblivious to how much he himself had changed
Over all the years since both of them had been estranged
Cling was not the same person but he did fail to see
That years could change someone else too, this Cling did not foresee

He met Now with an old frustration and he did remind
Of what Now had done in the past, how he had been unkind
He tried to shackle Now with actions that were now years old
He tried to define Now by those actions that were so cold

But unlike most who bow their heads in shame and say they’re sorry
Now refused to play along and succumb to Cling’s quarry
“That was then” Now did reply, “and I flat-out refuse
To be defined by  outdated opinions, thoughts and views”

Now told Cling that if he chose to live in times gone by
That they were done speaking and Cling could count one less ally
Because to shackle someone with the past shows lack of sight
Of all the ways they’ve changed if you just cling to that old fight


Too Old To Change

28 Sep

You can’t teach an old dog knew tricks, but with effort, focus, perseverance and patience, a free-thinking, free-willed human being can change whatever they so desire. It’s time we stopped comparing ourselves to creatures that don’t and never will have our potential…

Too Old To Change

A cop out that I hear often is “Sorry, I’m too old”
People say they can’t change because of their rigid mold
Too much time has passed and now they’ll do what they have done
They’ll think they way they’ve always thought and change is what they shun

They make excuses that the passage of time does absolve
Because enough years have elapsed they don’t have to evolve
“Bullshit” is my blunt response to those who think they’re through
To their mentality and all the laziness they spew

For it’s not age but laziness that causes one to say
That they’re too old to modify simply ‘cause of some gray
Facade, a ruse, a guise, a show that I refuse to hear
When I hear the “Too old” excuse, I do make it quite clear

You’re never too old to improve, to learn, to grow, to try
You do not get a free pass simply ‘cause soon you will die
The battle starts the day you’re born and ends with your demise
And who knows, maybe it continues when the soul does rise

No exceptions, no excuses, and no sympathy
This Warrior is not concerned with how old you may be
No longer will I listen to those “Much too old to quit”
Or “much too old to deal with it without throwing a fit”

“Much too old to change my way of thinking of that group”
“I cannot change my pre-conceptions ‘cause my back does stoop”
Ridiculous is what it is, and elderly should know
Better than that, wisdom is what those years should bestow

Selflessness and understanding, empathy and hope
Not stubbornness and ignorance and refusal to cope
Shame on each and every grey-haired lazy person who
Thinks when greys come in that they no longer must pursue

Pushing selves to limits of their capabilities
Expecting more from themselves instead of pursuing ease
Saying “Never enough” even though they’re old and tired
No cop outs and leaving younger Warriors inspired


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I Believe In Me

25 Sep

I Believe In Me

A little history lesson about your humble scribe
Just in case there are some curious within this tribe
I’ve had the chance to do a number of exciting things
In TV, radio, and film and with some folks that sing

I have created artwork and I’ve written a few books
And none of it was thanks to my “keen wit” or my “good looks”
Not one opportunity was handed off to me
Nothing once was served on platter or did come easy

Everything that I have done was not because someone
Said “I have faith in you,” no sir, those kudos I’ve had none
No one ever looked me in the eye and said with truth:
“I believe in you” not as an older man or youth

Every single thing that I’ve accomplished was because
I did believe in myself, what I would be, what I was
I did believe in myself even when others would scoff
I did believe in myself when others would say “back off”

I did believe when they said “Quit” or “what a waste of time”
I did believe when they warned that I wouldn’t make a dime
I did believe when they insulted and they all poked fun
And looking back, I realize that I’m the only one

That ever needed faith in me ‘cause waiting for their praise
Is just a futile effort that will only waste your days
So when you do set out to do that thing you’d love to do
Don’t you dare look elsewhere for their faith to carry you

Either it does not exist or will not be sufficient
You must believe in  yourself if you hope to be efficient
You must say “I believe in me” and not wait for their seal
Only when you believe in yourself will dreams be real


The Ego’s Prank

23 Sep

The Ego’s Prank

The biggest prank the Ego plays on unsuspecting minds
Is taking others’ intentions and pulling down the blinds
Something said or done by someone else gets misconstrued
The Ego’s own motives behind those words or actions brood

It whispers, “What if I did that? Here would be why I would
My motives would selfish, not for any kind of good”
And so the genuine selfless actions of others are
Corrupted by the suspicious Ego which wants to spar

A sad, sad joke that’s played on many who just can’t believe
That there are some people out there who don’t steal and deceive
Because that would be their motive for giving with no thought
Of what they will get in return ‘cause what they want is squat

They simply give because it’s right, they care because it’s just
They listen to their inner soul, not Ego’s greedy lust
For power, respect, admiration, popularity
Very funny, Ego, ha ha ha, ho ho, hee hee



21 Sep


There once was a man who did walk
To his own beat so others did mock
They called him quite “crazy”
But he thought them quite lazy
Because of how they all did gawk

And pointed their fingers and laughed
And called him “way out there” and “daft”
But what they did not know
Is they did not bestow
Upon him not the slightest cool draft

Their chilly reception: ignored
Their insults left the man quite bored
He paid little attention
To all their apprehension
And did not care if he was adored

Years later he looked back and saw
That his “crazy” ways were not a flaw
Many times he was thrilled
And made him feel fulfilled
While the “non-crazies” looked on in awe

And they spoke about all he had done
Of the intriguing tale he had spun
How thinking outside box
And being crazy like fox
Had resulted in a life of fun

It was then that the man turned to crowd
Smiled widely and proudly avowed
“It’s all you that are nuts
For just sitting on butts
And not making your voice be heard loud”

“Though you may have thought I was quite weird
Though many of you laughed or sneered
Not once did I care
As I boldly did dare
To not let one thing ever be feared”

While the ones who called names had regret
The “crazy” man owed no such debt
‘Cause he was always true
To himself and his view
And did not let name-calling cause fret


What If?

19 Sep

What If?

What if something does go wrong? What if it falls apart?
What if everyone does laugh and thinks I’m not too smart?
What if they think I’m a fool and think it’s a big joke?
What if I get nervous and start shaking and I choke?

What if the plan goes awry, what if something gets broken?
What if people aren’t happy and angry words are spoken?
What if folks are disappointed, saddened or upset?
What if all these things occur that haven’t happened yet?

What if you stopped worrying about what could go wrong?
What if you remembered that you’re focused, wise and strong?
What if you stayed present instead of living ahead?
You may just find your life will have not as much fear and dread


16 Sep

My friend Cat did a feature on my writings. Thanks so much, Cat!

Warrior Whip

16 Sep

The Whip makes successful return to the ring – Guelph Mercury article

“With hope it’s possible.” ~Fitz “The Whip” Vanderpool

Warrior Whip

They told him that he couldn’t do it, “Sorry you’re too old”
Little did they realize this Warrior was bold
The naysayers and doubters scoffed and said it was too late
But he silenced them all and showed no one controls your fate

Nobody can tell you what you aren’t capable of
Nobody can convince you that you can’t rise above
Unless you let them take away your focus and your hope
The Champ trudged on and proved he is still Royalty of Rope

He fought a man that’s fifteen years younger and took it all
Through flurries, jabs and uppercuts the Whip not once did fall
With heart, intensity and focus and experience
The Whip proved every single one of his doubters were dense

He proved to anyone who’s gotten used to wanting less
He proved to everyone who’d rather not deal with the stress
He proved to each and every person who thinks that you can’t
That anything is possible if your feet you just plant

Take a stand and disagree with what they have to say
Refuse to be silenced, swept under rug and go away
This Warrior’s an inspiration that if you believe
In yourself and abilities, your goals you will achieve

                                                                             Congratulations, Champ!

Watering Flowers

15 Sep

“There is no effect more disproportionate to its cause than the happiness bestowed by a small compliment.”  ~Robert Brault

Watering Flowers

There was a flower named Woman
Who, much like other flowers
Needed watering to bloom
But the name of these showers

Were “compliment” and “gratitude”
“Acknowledgement” and “praise”
These simple words of kindness made
This flower’s petals raise

Unfortunate to say the least
That there were very few
Who made the effort to water
These flowers so they grew

The thought was silly to most men
Who felt abashed to say
Anything that would help these
Flowers bloom all the way

Or if they didn’t think it silly
Then they were afraid
That despite good intentions, the
Flower would be dismayed

Harassment, innuendo, or
Some other type of tease
Said only to get something
So they themselves could please

One truth about the world is that
There are so few who speak
Words that are not intended
To be a harsh critique

There are so few who compliment
That any flattery
Will almost always be taken
With elation and glee

“You look nice today,” “I love
What you’ve done with your hair”
“You have a lovely smile,” few men
Ever seem to dare

“You’re beautiful,” “You’re gorgeous,”
“You are stunning,” “You’re so cute”
Every man can say these things
But most of them are mute

But pay attention if you have
The guts to say these things
You men, look closely, see what kind of
Radiance it brings

To Woman’s face when she’s watered
With this kind of affection
The pure smile, the joyful eyes
And rosy, warm complexion

So speak up, men, be Warriors
Not just with swords and spears
But with your words which can be liquid
Life to Woman’s ears

                                                 ~for Luana