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Non-Warrior Poetry: Unfriendly

31 Aug

*Here’s a new concept I’ve been playing around with: Non-Warrior Poetry. Spoken from the point of view of people I consider selfish & fearful, based on my Empathic study of such people, as well as self-study from past experience before discovering the Way of the Warrior Poet. This first poem is written from the point of view of every unfriendly person who didn’t feel they needed to give you the time of day because they already had enough people that they considered “friend,” how that perception changes over time, and how ultimately unfulfilling that friendship can be with someone who is initially so unfriendly.

“Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.“ ~Rod McKuen, Looking for a Friend

Non-Warrior Poetry: Unfriendly

Sorry, I’m not interested in making a new friend
I’ve got all that I need right now and don’t want to expend
The time or effort that it takes to meet somebody new
I think I’ll just stick with my old, familiar, same crew

I just don’t feel like listening, conversing and sharing
There’s only a few times a year that I can be that caring
Sorry, stranger, all booked up, be on your merry way
I’m not the least bit interested in what you have to say

You never know,  you may be one of those psychotic freaks
That’s always the vibe that I get from anyone that seeks
To speak to random strangers who I’ve never met before
Like I said, I have some friends and don’t need anymore

Maybe if we bump into each other on the street
A few more times and randomly with no pressure do meet
I will feel comfortable enough to say “Hey, I know you
You’re the one who used to be completely strange and new

But now because some time has passed, even though nothing has changed
Somehow I feel you might not be psychotic or deranged
So we should hang, yes let me know, we’ll make some plans real soon”
But really, that’s just something that I do politely croon

Out of sight and mind is how I am with all my friends
I guess that our relationship can now join those same trends
Seeya later, former stranger, now old acquaintance
Looking forward to having our new friendship commence


31 Aug

“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.” ~Paulo Coelho


When something is important and you need it right away
It isn’t so important that it should cause you dismay

When someone asks a question and you rush to do your best
To find the answer, stay calm while that question is addressed

When someone says or does something that you find irritating
Before you blurt out something you’ll regret that’s laced with hating

Take a deep breath, fall silent and take a moment to
Think about your reaction before you start to spew

Regardless of if you think that it’s rude to make them wait
Sixty-seconds never altered anybody’s fate

But sixty-seconds is enough time to decide which course
Is best to take and will not leave you saddled with remorse
Because you lost your temper or you got stressed to the max
Waiting is the most effective response to attacks
So wait…


Fire Warrior

29 Aug

“Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved.” ~Susan Diane Murphree

Fire Warrior

The alarm goes off, it’s time to drop what he was working on
It doesn’t matter that the sun has barely reached the dawn
It doesn’t matter that he’s tired and has not had time
To pour his cup of coffee, all that matters is the chime

He rushes to his locker and he grabs his Warrior gear
Still as fast as ever even in his seventh year
He quickly kisses the picture of his wife and two sons
That’s tacked up on his locker and then to the pole he runs

He slides down and he jumps aboard the great big hulking truck
The horn blares loud and off it speeds to where fire has struck
He fastens buttons, slips on gloves and then steadies his mind
Intensity and focus is how this Warrior’s defined

The truck slams on the brakes before a towering red blaze
Bystanders watch in awe but Warrior it doesn’t faze
He jumps off of the truck and joins his brothers in the fight
They shower the entrance and then he charges into light

The fire sears but just behind, a brother douses him
It makes the intense heat subside on every single limb
“Someone’s trapped on the third floor” his radio does say
“Jesus Christ” he hears another Warrior convey

“It’s too widespread, there’s no safe way” he hears somebody warn
He takes a moment to think of the day his sons were born
And up there on the third floor is somebody’s son or daughter
“I’m on my way,” he says and things become a little hotter

His backup does their best to keep him cool as they climb stairs
He kicks through doors and dodges flaming tables, shelves and chairs
“Help!” he hears someone cry out, “I”m here! I can’t get out!”
He sees someone on other side of flames and has no doubt

He charges through the inferno and sees a scared, young man
“Is anyone else here?” he asks as he does a quick scan
“I’m not sure,” he says as he shakes, “I’m scared!” he says with shock
He’s burned up pretty bad and will not be able to walk

The Fire Warrior slips off his coat and throws it on
The young man and then hoists him on his shoulders with his brawn
“Close your eyes,” he tells the lad, “and hold onto me tight”
And rushes forward hauling the young man with all his might

His comrade tries his best to douse the flames that do surround
But the hot bastard’s much too strong and suddenly the ground
Collapses and the Warrior plummets three stories fast
The last thing that he feels is the impact and then a blast

As his lights dim he sees his brothers pull the young man off
“Is he okay?” the Warrior asks with a bloody cough
“Yeah, you broke his fall” one says, “don’t move” but it’s too late
He sees the young man look back as he embraces his fate

The heat subsides and all he feels is a cool, sudden calm
A brother cries, “Stay with me, John!” as he clenches his palm
“Tell my wife and sons…” he says but cannot find the words
Suddenly he’s in the park and hears the chirping birds

His wife looks beautiful as wind caresses her dark hair
His two boys chase some ducks and geese and laugh without a care
“I will” his brother says with tears and watches as the life
Leaves the eyes of the man who had two sons and a wife

They hold a lovely service honoring his sacrifice
The young man watches family cry and understands the price
That has been paid to save his life and wonders how he’ll ever
Pay back two young sons who have lost their father forever

How he’ll ever face the woman who has lost her love
He promises that all he can do is to rise above
To follow that Warrior’s example and to plunge right in
To anything that terrifies and find the strength within

To never be afraid again no matter what the threat
To be forever paying the Fire Warrior’s debt
To owe him courage, owe him strength, to owe him bravery
To follow his resolve and valor through the third degree

In loving memory of all Firefighters
Who have made the ultimate sacrifice
And in appreciation to all those
Who continue the battle

Warrior King

28 Aug

“Only one among us keeps his Spartan reserve. Only he. Only our King.” ~Dilios, “300”

Warrior King

The words of Heraclitus state how rare Warriors are
Only one in one-hundred bravely accept the scar
But there’s a breed of Warrior that’s even rarer still
One of them does proudly stand atop Warrior Hill

The Warrior King’s emotionless with nerves of ice and steel
To stare into his cold eyes will a different truth reveal:
He doesn’t have an intense fire like other Warriors
Instead when staring in his eyes a sudden chill occurs

He’s come full circle through the fire and now he gleams with ice
A master fully in control, his emotions precise
Completely in control of self which causes many fear
While Warriors do look upon and respect and revere

A King who’s wiped out all ego and no longer allows
The petty fears and selfishness that normal men do house
Unmovable, unshakable, a frightening, intense force
To all of those who feel uncertainty, doubt and remorse

A King so far beyond the discipline of common men
That only Warriors can understand and comprehend
Only Warriors can see that the Warrior King
Is not one to be feared but a source from which strength does spring

Generals and presidents and black belts and masters
Men and women who stay focused amid disasters
Kings (and Queens) who’ve trained so hard and long that now they’ve turned
Into a hard substance that cannot be cracked or burned

No, not everyone is meant to make this transformation
Only one in ten thousand never need a vacation
Only one in ten thousand do not need affirmation
And have courage to protect and lead an entire nation

Any one of us can be a Warrior but only
One in ten thousand will stand alone and not feel lonely
Only Kings of Warriors stand silent even when
Warriors themselves do take a respite from their Zen

To indulge their humanity and celebrate and shout
Not one word from the King’s mouth will excitedly spout
Every gestured measured and every response is weighed
Not one selfish thought indulged on their selfless crusade

A source of strength and light and hope for those not masters yet
A source of shame for those who don’t like to work up a sweat
A source of fear for those who haven’t learned what life’s about
A flashing beacon for those who walk the Warrior route


Musashi Maxim #1: Accept

27 Aug

“1. Accept everything just the way it is.” ~Miyamoto Musashi, Samurai

Musashi Maxim #1: Accept

Even if you think things shouldn’t be the way things are
Even if you think someone’s behavior’s too bizarre
Even if you think someone else could trying more
Even if you’re sick and tired of being so sore

Even if you miss them so much that it causes pain
Even if some selfish person’s driving you insane
Even if you want just one thing but just cannot reach
Even if you’re lead by those who don’t do what they preach

Accept it just the way it is instead of how it should
Be and for your own code be certain that ground is stood
Accept that others won’t expect as much from their own selves
As someone like a warrior who ponders and who delves

Who thinks deeper and tries harder and knows that “good enough”
Is consolation for all those who aren’t quite as tough
As Warriors who save their strength to fight the battles in
Themselves and just accept others battles they cannot win


21 Maxims of a Wandering Samurai

25 Aug

1. Accept everything just the way it is.
2. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake.
3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.
4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
5. Be detached from desire your whole life long.
6. Do not regret what you have done.
7. Never be jealous.
8. Never let yourself be saddened by a separation.
9. Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others.
10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love.
11. In all things have no preferences.
12. Be indifferent to where you live.
13. Do not pursue the taste of good food.
14. Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need.
15. Do not act following customary beliefs.
16. Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.
17. Do not fear death.
18. Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age.
19. Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.
20. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour.
21. Never stray from the Way.

~Miyamoto Musashi, Samurai

21 Maxims of a Wandering Samurai

In fifteen-hundred eighty-four a Samurai was born
Who would become a Ronin and thereby received much scorn
A Ronin is a Samurai who’s masterless, you see
It was quite frowned upon for these Warriors to be free

But Miyamoto knew these twenty-one things to be true
And didn’t need a master to adhere, follow, pursue
He followed his own inner truth and went where the wind blew
And now his maxims have blown your way to inspire you

You do not need to follow them because I told you so
You’ll follow ‘cause they are all truths that you already know
Twenty-one maxims which plainly state truths we may not
Want to follow, some might be resisted, even fought

Because they fly in the face of comfort and luxury
But these are truths that no one can dispute or disagree
Twenty-one steps to let go, to accept and have peace
To understand, to be selfless and make your anguish cease

Twenty-one steps followed by a Ronin Samurai
Who knew the truth was within him and declared, “I won’t die
As many of my brothers did when they had lost their master”
Musashi would not accept anything as a disaster

In and out all things did flow and just one thing was held
And that was twenty-one maxims that Musashi compelled
Himself to follow and now you can follow them as well
It’s not on problems but on truths that all of us should dwell


The Naysayer

16 Aug

“The doubters said,
“Man can not fly,”
The doers said,
“Maybe, but we’ll try,”
And finally soared
In the morning glow
While non-believers
Watched from below.”
~Bruce Lee

The Naysayer

There were a pair of go-getters
Who one day set out to
Get working on a project that
Both of them loved to do

They got it off the ground and were
Quite pleased with the result
And many others liked it too
But one person found fault

A Nayser spoke up and called
One stupid and one lame
The “stupid” one just ignored but
The other one felt shame

The “stupid” one said “I don’t care
Your opinion don’t matter”
But “lame” one was quite shaken up
Because one didn’t flatter

The “stupid” one kept hard at work
At doing more and more
But “lame” one quickly soured and
Felt it was thankless chore

He persevered but after some
More time passed, one more spoke
About how both of them were just
One big, stupid, lame joke

And that was it for the “lame” one
Despite the praise of many
The Naysayer’s words made him feel
As if there wasn’t any

And so he slunk back in his hole
And sat silent and scared
While his  “stupid” partner worked on
Tried harder and dared

And he incurred a lot of praise
As well as some insults
But none of the Naysayer’s words
Impacted his results

Because there’ll always be some people
Who can’t stand someone
Who has ambition and follows
While Naysayer has none

Will you be one who ignores
And sees them as a pest?
Who isn’t even worth the time
To be fully addressed?

Or will you be someone who takes
Their thoughtless words to heart
And stops you from being one who
Finishes what they start?


A Good Day

9 Aug

A Good Day

When the sun has set tonight
And the moon ascends
When the final hours pass
And one more day ends

Will you be able to look
Back from the time you rose
All the way to when you go
Off to your bed to doze

And say that it was a good day?
That you had tried your best?
That you took the time to see
All the ways you are blessed?

Will you be able to say
You took the bull by horns
That you refused to pass the buck
And you survived the thorns?

Did you take charge and control
And make it a good day?
Or did you let someone’s issues
On you heavily weigh?

Did you leave it in the hands
Of someone else to pick
If you had a good day or
If your ass got a kick?

Did you wait for someone to
Decide to make you glad?
Did you let an asshole stress
You out and make you mad?

Did you hand over control
Of what your mind would feel
To a person or event
That would all your joy steal?

Were you just a bystander
And hoping for the best?
Standing, waiting in one spot
Instead of on a quest?

To make something of yourself
In the day ahead?
Or did you count down the time
Left ‘till going to bed?

Can you look back on the day
And say in honesty
“I made it a good one today
Because I was gutsy

Instead of keeping my mouth shut
I spoke up and said loud
‘That doesn’t work for me’ and split
Myself off from the crowd

I didn’t just stand by and let
The hours go to waste
There was not a minute where
Potential wasn’t chased

No man or woman I met
Was able to succeed
In stealing any of my joy
Because I’m a rare breed

I am a warrior and so
I’m in complete control
And no one or nothing can ever
Stop me from my goal

Of looking back twenty-four hours
Without any dismay
Being able to proclaim:
‘Today was a good day’”


One Lovely Blog Award

5 Aug

Thanks to the lovely Lopa for nominating my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

The rules for this Award are as follows:

1. Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

2. Describe 7 things about yourself.

3.Nominate 15 other bloggers.
Seven things about me:

1. I am a Warrior.

2. I am a Poet.

3. I make no apologies (anymore).

4. I’m never “busy.”

5. I’d rather be a light in the darkness than a light in the light.

6. I’m not addicted to comfort and luxury (anymore).

7. I almost never “feel like it,” but I do it anyway.

15 blogs I’d like to nominate for this award because they’re so lovely:
















Light in the Darkness

4 Aug

Light in the Darkness

I hear a lot of folks complain
Of darkness in the world
How negative things have become
And hate that has unfurled

I see them fold their arms across
Their chest and just bemoan
Never doing anything
To change the world’s dark tone

“It’s hopeless!” they often declare
“What difference can I make?”
And that, my friends, is what is wrong
With folks who bellyache

They cannot fathom how one light
One tiny little flame
When lit up in pitch black rooms
Can so much darkness tame

There was a man two thousand years
Ago who was a light
And headlong did He walk into
The darkness of the night

He did not whine about how bad
That people treated Him
He didn’t sit and fold His arms
And let His candle dim

His name was Jesus and He was
The light in the darkness
No matter how much it enveloped
His light would not suppress

He taught people to not just hide
Away from all the gloom
But to enter into the
Most dark and somber room

To take their hope and faith and light
Into the darkest place
And let that light act as a torch
Illuminating grace

Casting out shadows of doubt
And silencing man’s greed
Acting as a beacon of
The hope that we all need

You cannot just sit by and wait
For your way to be lit
Your path can be made clear by light
That you yourself emit

You may work at a dreary job
With melancholy peers
But it will make no difference
If you go change careers

No matter where you choose to be
There will always be those
Who are the darkness in the room
And cast on you their woes

There may be some within your tribe
Who grumble and dissent
But in optimism’s light
Their darkness will relent

So don’t snuff out your flame of hope
And say it’s all for naught
Follow the shining example
That the Savior taught

Go headlong into the night
And cast your brilliant glow
Just as the great King of Kings did
All those years ago

Your light may not burn quite as long
As you may hope it to
But the flash left on their eyes
Will always imbue

And inspire others to
Spread their light to the dark
Sometimes all you need to see
Is just a little spark