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The Good Deed

5 Jul

The Good Deed

Seems to me that no one takes
A good deed anymore
Without some skepticism that
It was done simply for

Something in return, no sir
The Good Deed is quite dead
Good Samaritans are met
Not with joy but with dread

You compliment one’s work ethic
And they look at you weird
They can’t believe that anything
They do could be revered

You compliment someone on their
Visage and they assume
That you’re after a date or want
To be their bride or groom

They screw up and you let it go
But they can’t deal with it
They won’t believe that some things just
Aren’t worth giving a shit

You give a gift and right away
They feel they’re in your debt
Now they feel compelled give
Instead of simply get

This is the world we live in, friends
Most doubt and do distrust
It leaves the true Warrior filled
With sadness and disgust

The few who give with no thought of
What they’ll get in return
Are doomed to watch the others furrow
Eyebrows and just spurn

Efforts of their selflessness
And question motives why
With every good deed questioned, that’s
One more who will be shy



3 Jul


It’s Independence Day
So that means it’s time
For all us Canucks
To join in and chime

And send a warm greeting
From your neighbors up north
“Happy Birthday, U.S.
On July 4th”

May your star-spangled banner
Always yet wave
May you always be free
And be home to the brave

May you stand tall when times
Would bring you to knees
May God shed His grace
Between your two seas

May your skies all be spacious
And mountains majestic
May your heroes defend
From foreign and domestic

May you set an example
With brotherhood
And show all the world
That you’re crowned with good

As the fireworks launch
And in the sky flare
As the lights flash and flicker
And the firecrackers blare

Get up on your feet
Place your hand on your heart
Sing the Star-Spangled Banner
And let the celebration start!

                                      Happy 4th of July, USA
                                    from Canada

Happy Canada Day!

1 Jul


Today’s the birthday of
The True North strong and free
With glowing hearts we rise
And stand on guard for thee

You’re a hundred and forty-five
But still so very pretty
From gorgeous, peaceful nature
To every pristine city

From the mountains of B.C.
Their grandeur so breathtaking
Majestic white-tipped peaks
Creativity awaking

To Alberta’s big Stampede
The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth
Where one million people come
To watch cowboys prove their worth

To the never ending prairies
Of Saskatchewan
Supplying us with the
Best grain that grows upon

Next is Manitoba
The “Strait of the Spirit”
With one hundred thousand lakes
The moniker does fit

And then the five Great Lakes
Of Ontario
And the metropolitan
Titan, Toronto

To the province of Quebec
The home of Habitants
Language of love they speak
And two dozen Cups they flaunt

To the highlands of New Brunswick
With much to be explored
Their Appalachian Mountains
Leave you with “Hope Restored”

To the Island of Prince Edward
With gorgeous red sand beaches
Although our smallest province
Its beauty still far reaches

To splendid Nova Scotia
Where hockey first was played!
And her Bluenose racing schooner
Still on our dimes displayed

To Newfoundland, me darlin’
And Labrador, me b’ye
Known for fish and “screech”
(the rum that makes you cry)

And the territories
Northwest and Yukon
And Nunavut as well
The thirteenth border drawn

Although it’s very cold
Outside for the most part
There’s one place always warm:
Within its people’s heart

So for our home and native land
For the country that we love
Let us take a moment
And let us all think of

The beauty that she’s made of
From very far and wide
The places and the people
Which all instill our pride

God keep you glorious
And always keep you free
Today we celebrate
And stand on guard for thee

                        Happy Canada Day!