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29 Jul


A man with confidence needs not
A big pat on the back
A lady who’s sure of herself
Does not need a gold plaque

A person who has certainty
Has no craving for praise
“Attboys” and “attagirls”
Just make the Ego raise

Be polite and thank them for
The gesture of acclaim
But be on guard to not be too
Affected by the fame

If you do fully ignore
The critics and their hate
You must also not cling to words
Of how they think you’re great

A nod, a smile, a “thank you” and
Continue on your road
Let it go, the insults and
The compliments bestowed

Because there are those who became
Too dependent on esteem
And found themselves depressed when the
Praisers ran out of steam

I guarantee you it won’t last
So learn to live without
Self-respect’s the most important
Praise with the most clout

It is not pride or ego but
A true self-confidence
That doesn’t wait for kudos so that
Their joy will commence


Warrior Book Shilling

28 Jul

I don’t do this very often, but it’s time to shill some books. Help support future publications of Warrior Poet Wisdom by picking up volumes 1-6 for your Kindle, Nook, IPad, Iphone or home computer. Unfortunately these aren’t free to publish and I could use your support! Up to this point I’ve covered all publication costs out of my own pocket because I genuinely don’t do it for the money, I do it to serve and inspire others. It’s my duty as a Warrior. If my writings resonate and inspire you, then now it’s time for you to help me serve and inspire others as well. Inspiration is not a one-way street.

Each volume is a month’s worth of courage, strength and inspiration for less than the price of a movie ticket. I realize most won’t, but for the 1-in-100 that do, thank you for your support. You are the true Warriors among us.

Peace & grace,

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25 Jul


There is a type of person who
Is known as an Empath
While many think that they are blessed
They don’t know of the wrath

That comes with being so in tuned
With other people’s feelings
That for the Empath, even the
Most casual of dealings

Can uncover strong feelings of
Much fear, hate or mistrust
The Empath can pick up on things
Even if not discussed

A super-human attention
To detail that reveals
How a smiling, joking person
Actually feels

Some pick up an energy
While others just go by
Body language, chosen words
Or the look in their eye

The Empath is a sensitive
Compassionate observer
Many times they lose themselves
Amid another’s fervor

Shackled with acuity
They often lose control
Of their own thoughts and feelings ‘cause
Another does cajole

They’re overwhelmed by influence
Of what rages around
Every detail magnified
And amplified, each sound

Lucky or a blessing? No,
Most Empaths feel they’re cursed
Because each day they are witness
To humanity’s worst

The selfishness, the fear, the lack
Of any kind of hope
The whining and complaining and
The masses who just mope

The Empath knows there’s strength inside
Themselves and everyone
They’re cursed to watch most people simply
Ignore it and shun

The Empath sees the beauty in
The little things each day
But also sees the countless people
That piss it away

The Empath is a noble guard
A listener to all
They are the ones that you just can’t
Help but tear down your wall

And open up to, speak to, be
Vulnerable, exposed
Because the Empath’s mind is never
Ignorant and closed

They are the listeners who care
Who truly hear your tale
Who do relate to what you’re going
Through each time you fail

And they sustain a lot of wear
And tear from what they do
If only all knew what it’s like
To have empathic view

To let go of yourself and walk
A mile in their shoes
To feel their pain and not be able
To even refuse

Here’s to Empaths, blessed and cursed
With great acuity
True Warrior Poets who
Just wish they could be free

But that is not their lot in life
No, that is not their mission
In a world of ignorance
Their purpose is cognition

To listen, understand and teach
People about themselves
To be the fearless explorer
Who boldly deeper delves

Keep in mind what energy
You do choose to put out
You never know when an Empath
May be lurking about


Taking It

20 Jul

“So we’ll hunt him, because he can take it.” ~Commissioner Gordon

Taking It

He tries to round
A corner on
His cycle but
He lacks the brawn

A stinging stab
Twists in his side
That’s amplified
By his new ride

He clenches teeth
To hold the pose
Stretched on pod
Away it goes

He knows that this
Is going to hurt
But there is no way
To avert

He yanks real hard
And the pod turns
All throughout
His body burns

He wonders how
He takes so much
How he survives
The constant clutch

How he can even
Be awake
How he can take
And take and take

So much punishment
And pain
How has he
Not gone insane?

He chuckles and thinks
Of the mask
And cape he wears
When on his task

And maybe he
Is just a bit
Insane right now
He does admit

But lack of sanity
Is not
What all of this
Turmoil has brought

All the beatings
All the hate
All the fear
The heavy weight

Is all because
He can take it
It’s all because
He’ll never quit

The sirens are
Now closing in
He pulls back and
Makes the pod spin

He loses the
Pursuers down
A dark alley
Just outside town

He powers down
And slowly gets
Up off the pod
And feels the sweats

His body trembles
Hands are numb
Can’t make a fist
A broken thumb

The pounding in
His head won’t stop
He falls and on
The ground does flop

The sirens now
Are far away
But will come back
Another day

He slowly breathes
And takes it all
Back to the pod
He starts to crawl

He mounts again
And grits his teeth
And seeks a refuge

A dark and quiet
Place where he
Can feel at rest
And just be free

Of taking it
A cave somewhere
That he does not
Have to beware

He rides into
The forest and
He rides across
The dark, cold land

And comes up to
An opening
To a dark place
Where he’ll be king

He slowly rides
Into the cave
And a new path
With pod does pave

He stops and looks
And feels at home
He gets off and
He starts to roam

He starts to feel
His strength arise
As he pulls off
His black disguise

He sits down and
Recoups so that
Tomorrow he can
Be the bat

That takes it all
That they may throw
Regardless if
It’s friend or foe

You Know

16 Jul

You Know

“Tell me how to do it”
There are so many who ask
When they want help to overcome
Some scary, fearful task

To the people who have conquered
Lots of their own fears
The answers these trailblazers give
Is “blood and sweat and tears”

The question “How?” is asked because
The asker hopes to hear
An answer that will be easy
And quick and bring them cheer

They hope to hear a shortcut that
Has been eluding them
They’re hoping to discover that
Elusive hidden gem

That will deliver them from pain
From suffering and hurt
But deep down we all know those things
We simply can’t avert

You know all that you need to do
Stop hoping for a break
You know that it’s uncomfortble
And may cause you some ache

You know that it won’t be much fun
While you are doing it
You know that you cannot half-ass
And that it takes true grit

And biggest fact of all that many
Never seem to grasp:
You know that by the end after
You grunt and shake and gasp

That the toll that it takes does not
Last forever on you
It is replaced by something else
Because you gutted through

And that is courage, grace, resolve
And so much confidence
You know all that you need to do
So use your common sense

And stop asking all of the fighters
And warriors in hopes
That they will have a shortcut or
An easy way that copes

“THROUGH THE WALL!” they all will say
You know so stop asking and simply
Pound and pound and pound


Screw Ups

8 Jul

Screw Ups

We’re told that should stand by those
Who are having it rough
But there’s a point where even Warriors
Say “That’s enough”

We show support and have hope much
Longer than most would last
But there’s a point where patience should
Be a thing of the past

And that’s with Screw Ups, people who
Aren’t trying very hard
People with ingratitude
Who simply disregard

The caring and concern that their
Friends and family show
Once again, the Warrior
Says what causes most woe

“What you’re doing hasn’t,
Doesn’t, and won’t work for me
I’m letting go ‘cause you’re a Screw Up
Of highest degree”

The Warrior lets go and stops
Letting Screw Ups frustrate
They don’t hold animosity
Or any kind of hate

They simply give up hope which is
An act most cannot do
We want to think that everyone
Could improve and come through

The Warrior’s a realist
And knows a truth that’s bleak:
Some people are permanently
Selfish, scared and weak

The Warrior has the courage
To let the Screw Ups go
They must fend for themselves if they
Do stand a chance to grow

And Warriors are weary when
A Screw Up says they’ve changed
They know that transformation won’t come
From being estranged

It comes from striving, pondering
From giving, sacrifice
It comes from letting go of self
Which is a heavy price

That most Screw Ups just cannot pay
Because “self” is their life
They place their own happiness before
That of a husband, wife

A son, a daughter or parent
A stranger or a friend
Quit on Screw Ups and your time
On better causes spend


Angel In My Bed

7 Jul

Angel in my Bed

Some days I battle through much hell
But each morning’s the same
I wake up, turn and see an angel
Who helps me reclaim

Some strength, some grace, some belief that
There’s beauty still on Earth
Her peaceful slumber always gives me
Some much needed mirth

I see her still serenity
And feel a wave of peace
I’m grateful to have one person
Who makes my calm increase

She’s like a peaceful lake or a
Perfect golden sunset
In her presence I feel no stress
No worry, doubt or fret

It makes me take a moment to
Appreciate the grace
That still exists in this cynical
Negative, snide place

And it inspires me to show
The same grace on my quest
When I go outside and am put
To the world’s rigid test

An angel in my bed each morning
Always helps remind
That beauty sleeps beside me before
I’m off to the grind


The Good Deed

5 Jul

The Good Deed

Seems to me that no one takes
A good deed anymore
Without some skepticism that
It was done simply for

Something in return, no sir
The Good Deed is quite dead
Good Samaritans are met
Not with joy but with dread

You compliment one’s work ethic
And they look at you weird
They can’t believe that anything
They do could be revered

You compliment someone on their
Visage and they assume
That you’re after a date or want
To be their bride or groom

They screw up and you let it go
But they can’t deal with it
They won’t believe that some things just
Aren’t worth giving a shit

You give a gift and right away
They feel they’re in your debt
Now they feel compelled give
Instead of simply get

This is the world we live in, friends
Most doubt and do distrust
It leaves the true Warrior filled
With sadness and disgust

The few who give with no thought of
What they’ll get in return
Are doomed to watch the others furrow
Eyebrows and just spurn

Efforts of their selflessness
And question motives why
With every good deed questioned, that’s
One more who will be shy



3 Jul


It’s Independence Day
So that means it’s time
For all us Canucks
To join in and chime

And send a warm greeting
From your neighbors up north
“Happy Birthday, U.S.
On July 4th”

May your star-spangled banner
Always yet wave
May you always be free
And be home to the brave

May you stand tall when times
Would bring you to knees
May God shed His grace
Between your two seas

May your skies all be spacious
And mountains majestic
May your heroes defend
From foreign and domestic

May you set an example
With brotherhood
And show all the world
That you’re crowned with good

As the fireworks launch
And in the sky flare
As the lights flash and flicker
And the firecrackers blare

Get up on your feet
Place your hand on your heart
Sing the Star-Spangled Banner
And let the celebration start!

                                      Happy 4th of July, USA
                                    from Canada

Happy Canada Day!

1 Jul


Today’s the birthday of
The True North strong and free
With glowing hearts we rise
And stand on guard for thee

You’re a hundred and forty-five
But still so very pretty
From gorgeous, peaceful nature
To every pristine city

From the mountains of B.C.
Their grandeur so breathtaking
Majestic white-tipped peaks
Creativity awaking

To Alberta’s big Stampede
The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth
Where one million people come
To watch cowboys prove their worth

To the never ending prairies
Of Saskatchewan
Supplying us with the
Best grain that grows upon

Next is Manitoba
The “Strait of the Spirit”
With one hundred thousand lakes
The moniker does fit

And then the five Great Lakes
Of Ontario
And the metropolitan
Titan, Toronto

To the province of Quebec
The home of Habitants
Language of love they speak
And two dozen Cups they flaunt

To the highlands of New Brunswick
With much to be explored
Their Appalachian Mountains
Leave you with “Hope Restored”

To the Island of Prince Edward
With gorgeous red sand beaches
Although our smallest province
Its beauty still far reaches

To splendid Nova Scotia
Where hockey first was played!
And her Bluenose racing schooner
Still on our dimes displayed

To Newfoundland, me darlin’
And Labrador, me b’ye
Known for fish and “screech”
(the rum that makes you cry)

And the territories
Northwest and Yukon
And Nunavut as well
The thirteenth border drawn

Although it’s very cold
Outside for the most part
There’s one place always warm:
Within its people’s heart

So for our home and native land
For the country that we love
Let us take a moment
And let us all think of

The beauty that she’s made of
From very far and wide
The places and the people
Which all instill our pride

God keep you glorious
And always keep you free
Today we celebrate
And stand on guard for thee

                        Happy Canada Day!