The Doubter

16 Jun

The Doubter

There was a man named Tom who doubted
Everything on Earth
He doubted authenticity
And quality and worth

If someone said something, ole’ Tom
Would doubt the speaker by
Asking, “How would you know?”
Doubting Tom would then imply

That the speaker had not lived it
Regardless if they had
The truth was always hidden from
Doubting Tom pretty bad

He couldn’t understand and couldn’t
Infer someone’s point
Because ole’ Doubting Tom would always
Get bent out of joint

Whenever it seemed that someone
Knew something he did not
“I doubt it” Doubting Tom would say
‘Cause he could not allot

That someone could have learned something
That he had not learned yet
That someone could infer something
That ole’ Tom didn’t get

That someone else was capable
Of things Tom couldn’t do
Doubting Tom’s big ego threw
His perception askew

If he had not seen it then it
Was not likely to be
It had to be proven to Tom
Before he would agree

And sometimes even when he saw
Beyond shadow of doubt
He was so used to disagreeing
Doubting Tom would spout:

“I doubt it!” even though deep down
He knew that it was true
Anything to not concede
To someone else’s view


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