The Acuity War

12 Jun

The Acuity War

Make no mistake, there is a war
That rages every day
But one side is oblivious
That they fire away

The two combatants of this war
Are those who see real close
Those with high acuity
Who think deeper, engross

And those who miss the point
Who want things easy, lazy, fast
Who gloss over with no focus
Their obtuseness is vast

They lob their missiles by not caring
Not remembering
With shrugs and “Whatevers” they toss
Their grenades and bombs fling

The numbers are mismatched, the side
That thinks a little deeper
Is outnumbered and has a
Hill that’s quite a bit steeper

While all those who don’t give a shit
Swarm like an endless storm
Their lack of effort has become
The sad, pathetic norm

I give words of encouragement
To those on the small side
For those who have acuity
Don’t you dare run and hide

Don’t give in to laziness
To their lack of detail
Do not lower your standards
Don’t let them make you fail

Work your ass off, open fire
With passion, excellence
You’ll know it’s working when you start
To see them getting tense

The people who do not try hard
Don’t want you to succeed
Their lazy ways will only serve
To disrupt and impede

Wage the war and rest assured
That though we number few
A Warrior will always earn
Exactly what they’re due

And though the apathetic side
Has numbers, it can’t win
Because it chooses to not go
Deeper than just the skin

The Warriors look closer to
Reveal their passion’s source:
The spirit buried deep within
Which keeps their war on course



One Response to “The Acuity War”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker June 16, 2012 at 7:44 am #

    It’s always easy to think someone else will take up the gauntlet and fight those injustices.. We all of us need to understand this Battle is ours.. And we are all of us responsible and all of us have a duty to help our Fellow Brothers and sisters along our journey… Even if we cannot physically help we can support those charities who go to the front lines of battle in the name of Humanity.. And all of us can help Mother Nature by taking more care, taking only that which we need, and putting back. We can all of us send out our thoughts which hold yet more power than anyone understands in turning the battle ground into one of peace.. Peace to you Miro.. ~Sue

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