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30 May

“We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are. Sane or insane. Saints or sex addicts. Heroes or victims. Letting history tell us how good or bad we are. Letting our past decide our future. Or we can decide for ourselves. And maybe it’s our job to invent something better.” ~Chuck Palahniuk


I’m not the colour of my skin
I’m not where my body has been
I’m not identified by where
I was born and first tasted air

I’m not whatever team I cheer
I’m not my favourite kind of beer
I’m not straight, bi-sexual, gay
I’m not to which God I do pray

None of these identify
As clearly as my battle cry:
“I am a Warrior,” no more
No less, just one who goes to war

I do battle with fear and pain
And constantly do learn and train
Where others run for comfort, I
Rise to the challenge and rely

On courage, strength, resolve and grace
Identity I do not chase
I’m not my look or where I live
I am defined by what I give

And that is everything I’ve got
And that can’t be stolen or bought
It can’t be given, only earned
By being hammered, ripped and burned

So how are you identified?
Was it your choice? Did you decide?
Or was it simply told to you
And no other did you pursue?



28 May


When I wake in my bed
Soft pillow under head
I remember

As I watch stunning dawn
While I put my clothes on
I remember

When I go grab a seat
To have something to eat
I remember

As I drive off to work
And the streets aren’t berserk
I remember

As I look at the sky
And see no warships fly
I remember

As I think of my rights
Which were won through your fights
I remember

As I think of the men
Who will not breathe again
I remember

The price that you paid
So we’re not afraid
I remember

The freedom of speech
And for our dreams to reach
I remember

To praise a Creator
And not a dictator
I remember

When troubles arise
I’ve no moans or cries
‘Cause I remember

I won’t disrespect
All you did protect
‘Cause I remember

That it cost you your lives
But your legend survives
‘Cause I remember

I’ll always remember…

                                                        In remembrance of every warrior
                                                 who sacrificed everything
                              for an ideal
                                  for a cause
                             for us

You Are Not A Warrior

27 May

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ~Heraclitus

You Are Not A Warrior

With seven thousand people on
This little page I’ve made
There is one thought that on my mind
Has occasionally weighed

The words of Heraclitus speak
Of how there are so few
Warriors while there are many
Targets just shot through

If you are on this page that claims
To be created by
A Warrior and is meant for
Those who wish to apply

The same virtues, then you must ask
Yourself which one are you:
Just another target or
One of the very few?

A Warrior does not wake up
And dread the day ahead
A Warrior does not wish he
Or she could stay in bed

A Warrior is strong enough
To be gentle but firm
A Warrior does not apologize
And does not squirm

You are not a Warrior
If you have no control
Over how much you do drink
Or food that’s in the bowl

You are not a Warrior
If people cause you stress
If you allow what others do
To influence, depress

You are not a Warrior
If you worry too much
You’ll never find a Warrior
Trapped inside of fear’s clutch

You are not a Warrior
If you are weak and scared
You are not a Warrior
If you have never dared

You are not a Warrior
If you’re concerned about
What others may think and let
Them fill your head with doubt

You are not a Warrior
If something offends you
Accusations and complaints
Only make ego stew

You are not a Warrior
If you wish it were easy
Or if you are a man and treat
Women dirty and sleazy

You are not a Warrior
If you have read this piece
And feel pissed off and press “Unlike”
And make the count decrease

You are just a target that’s
Been hit, bullseye, once more
As they say, “On your way out
Don’t let your ass hit door”

‘Cause I don’t have the time to waste
On people who can’t see
That every single person has
The potential to be

A Warrior but few step up
And make the sacrifice
So if you are a target then
You don’t need my advice


Bad is Good

26 May

“Where there is no pain, there is no gain. Suffering and sacrifice build scar tissue that will make you tougher and stronger.” ~Warrior

Bad Is Good

The key to rising up and having
A new attitude
Is to look on to “bad things” and
Change how they all are viewed

Something that’s uncomfortable
Must be looked forward to
Something that is really hard
Is something you won’t rue

Something that’s embarrassing
Should be empowering
Something that is not much fun
Should integrity bring

Someone who is an asshole
Should not be avoided
Confronting them is how your inner
Warrior is fed

Problems, struggles, challenges
I feel so grateful for
Luxury and comfort I
Now despise and abhor

Because I’ve sat and pondered how
Those things have made me stray
All those things have ever done
Is strengthening delay

Next time something sucks, is crap
Is gross, rough, “meh” or bad
Roll sleeves up and be glad

Redefine and see the things
You’ve been told to not want
Those things society says that
Should stress, annoy and taunt

Don’t adhere to “bad is bad”
One single second longer


A Warrior’s Open Letter To Death

25 May

“Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.” ~The Grey

A Warrior’s Open Letter To Death

Dear Grim Reaper, I’d like to warn
That I won’t run like most
I will not flee, I will not hide
This is not a proud boast

It’s not a threat or challenge
Just a promise what’s to come
When we are face to face, this Warrior
Will not succumb

To fear, to doubt or regret ‘cause
For years I have now walked
The path that so many have only
Dreamed and wished and talked

I know you wait until some are
Breaking down and quite old
Know regardless of my grey
I’ll always be this bold

Come for me while I’m still strong
In muscle and in mind
Come for me before my ears
Go deaf and eyes go blind

And though the outcome’s definite
I only have one goal
When I do battle with you, it’s
To exact a great toll

I do not doubt your victory
But I assure one truth
If you come for me while I am
Still in my years of youth

When you are finished, you will have
To stop and take a breath
You’ll know it was a Warrior
That has just battled Death

See you somewhere down the road
On that cold, lonely night
I’m not afraid for I know it
Will be my last good fight


When To Let It Slide

21 May

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” ~Herman Hesse

When To Let It Slide

Yes, I often say “Speak up!”
And beat upon your chest
Point a finger and make sure
Selfishness is addressed

But sometimes there is just no point
It is a waste of breath
Some people are just too entrenched
And set in ways ‘till death

The question many ask is how
They’ll know which one is which
Speaking for myself, it’s when
I feel a little itch

I see a little glimmer or
I hear a little spark
Something in the person tells me
Their heart’s not all dark

In contrast, there are people who
Are rotten through and through
Give them one hundred chances
And they’ll disappoint you

They’re too wrapped in seeking ease
Comfort, luxury, rest
They are not worth the time or effort
That you could invest

In other people who have hope
Potential, hidden grace
It will be obvious to you
Who doesn’t have a trace

I’ve found the ones who are without
A hope to be as rare
As Warriors and that’s the only
Way that they compare

Let it slide and save your strength
For battles with a cause
Hopeless people have no wish
To improve on their flaws


Divine Shortcut

17 May

“God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things done.”  ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

Divine Shortcut

“God will this” and “God will that”
I hear many believers chat
“God will handle everything”
They promise, praise, rejoice and sing

But then reality steps in
And stress and struggle do begin
“Don’t worry, leave it up to God!”
This way of thinking is quite flawed

To pass the buck and sit and wait
And let God deal with all the hate
With challenges that do arise
With grief whenever someone dies

The God-believing Warrior
Does not pass bucks, does not defer
They walk up to and face head on
What most wish God would make be gone

They understand that God is not
A shortcut through dismay and fraught
God gave you all that you need
To pray for anymore is greed

It’s lacking faith within one’s own
Courage and strength, it’s blindness shown
To one’s innate ability
To be of fear and sorrow free

The Warrior’s hands never clasp
And beg God to their troubles grasp
To Warriors, that’s laziness
When God designed us, He did bless

With everything it takes to deal
We’re not supposed to wait and kneel
So get up and do battle now
Sever your stress, through hardships plow

And be assured that God does see
You are what He made you to be
In His image you stand alone
And conquer everything that’s thrown

No shortcuts needed, no reprieve
For Warriors who still believe
The long and hard way is divine
To walk it takes not prayers, just spine



16 May

“He who angers you conquers you.” ~Elizabeth Kenny


There was a man who was angered
Because he did not get
Exactly what he had in mind
So he got quite upset

He whined, complained and let off steam
And then a few days later
Forgot about what angered him
And stopped being a hater

A Warrior walked up to him
And asked “You still upset?
A couple days ago you were
Filled with venom and fret”

“No,” the man replied, “that was
A couple days ago
It’s sorted itself out and now
I no longer feel woe”

“Then here is something that will bring
You back to that passed day”
The Warrior said and proceeded
To these harsh words say:

“You are a fool, you are disgusting
Weak, pathetic, lame
Selfish, how you spout your wrath
And constantly lay blame

You give no thought of how your words
Cause turmoil in others
All you care about is you
No thought for sisters, brothers

You don’t get what you want and so
You act like a big baby
Instead of taking days to cool
Do it instantly, maybe?”

The man who was upset was once
Again filled with much rage
The Warrior had poked the bear
And rattled his small cage

“How dare you say these words to me?”
He shouted angrily
The Warrior said, “‘Cause I won’t
Just sit here silently”

“You have a problem and I see
A chance to help you train
And so I make you this promise:
I will cause you much pain

I will ruffle your feathers and
I will step on your toes
I’ll stomp your eggshells and I will
Cause your ego great woes

You’ll get upset, then feel better
A couple days from now
And when you do, I promise you
I make you this stern vow:

That I will do it all again
‘Till pattern’s clear to you”
With that the Warrior turned and
Walked off into the blue

Leaving the upset man to
Huff and puff and be mad
Until a couple days later
When something made him glad

                            ~Miro 🙂


12 May

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  ~Elizabeth Stone


There was a woman who decided
To give up her hold
On her own heart for something more
Precious to her than gold

It was more precious than diamonds
Or any other jewel
It was for diapers, crying and
Puréed carrots and drool

It was for sickness, broken hearts
Drama, uncertainty
It was to be a mother which she
Was so proud to be

The child knows not how they’ve carried
Their mother’s heart from birth
And carry it along with them
No matter where on Earth

They travel to, no matter how far
Life takes them away
How nice for Mothers that their hearts
Come back on Mother’s Day

                          ~for Mom

Code of Bushidō: Loyalty (Chuugi)

12 May

Code of Bushidō: Loyalty (Chuugi)

The last virtue of Bushidō
Cannot be practiced by
One without humility
Who holds themselves more high

Than any other person, force
Creator or ideal
Loyalty’s a virtue that
To egos won’t appeal

Loyalty is faithfulness
To family and to peers
To masters who have trained to help
You overcome your fears

Loyalty to your country
And your ideals as well
An automatic adherence
Without the need to dwell

Loyalty is when you won’t
Stab someone in the back
When they’re not around to give
Response to your attack

Loyalty is when you choose
To hold someone up high
Even though everyone else
Just spits into their eye

Loyalty means no gossip
No speaking thoughtless things
Loyalty is standing up
For masters and for kings

For Saviors and for prophets and
For creators and Gods
A warrior will not betray
Just so they’re not at odds

The samurai were loyal to
The point where they would pay
Their very lives so loyalty
Would not be led astray

So for a second, think, is there
Something you would die for?
‘Cause if there’s not, then you have no
Loyalty at your core

You’re only loyal to yourself
Which is called “selfishness”
And since the code is intertwined
Then you will not possess

Any other virtues that
The samurai maintained
When a virtue’s sacrificed
The others aren’t sustained

But when a virtue is practiced
The others grow in turn
That’s the only way to rise
The only way to learn

The only way to walk the path
That samurai did walk
The only way to awaken
Discover and unlock

The warrior that waits within
Who doesn’t care what year
Or part of Earth you live in, only
That your heart is clear

That it’s filled with Rectitude
Courage, Benevolence
Respect, Honesty, Honor
Loyalty that’s immense

Follow that forgotten code
And all of you will know
The strength that Warrior-Knights had
In days of long ago