Code of Bushidō: Honor (Meiyo)

7 Nov

Code of Bushidō: Honor (Meiyo)

Honor is integrity
Adherence to a code
Unimpaired and unwavered when
Others choose to goad

Honor’s not a part-time thing
No momentary lapses
In integrity when someone
Else’s peace collapses

Warrior’s will hold fast and
Honor the code they follow
With poise and grace through difficult
Times while others will wallow

Honor is a self-respect
That’s earned and can’t be bought
It cannot be stolen and to
The selfish can’t be taught

It is the courage and resolve
To make the right decision
Even when you’re not under
Anyone’s supervision

Honor is not sacrificed
To lie or cheat or steal
To take a shortcut that will make
An easier ordeal

The Warrior-Knights earned themselves
The reputation of
Being men of honor ‘cause
They held themselves above

Basic human desires
Like comfort, ease and pleasure
They knew pursuing just those things
Made men of little measure

Honor’s held in high regard
‘Cause it’s a selfless act
To sacrifice your own yearning
So that your code is backed

And it’s a virtue that lairs
And thieves cannot deny
They say “There goes a warrior
Who’s much stronger than I”



2 Responses to “Code of Bushidō: Honor (Meiyo)”

  1. zendictive November 7, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    “Honor’s not a part-time thing”

    excellent poetry (~_~) pin point accuracy as a definition:


    bows (~_~) honorably


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    […] of  Bushido, Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honor, Loyalty, […]

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