Code of Bushidō: Courage (Yu)

2 Nov

Code of Bushidō: Courage (Yu)

The second virtue followed by
The samurai of old
Is courage, the control of fear
The art of being bold

The willingness to face a test
With fortitude and nerve
Ability through thick and thin
To have your grace preserve

To step forward when most would run
And say, “Give me your best”
And when the storm rages, courage
Means beating on your chest

Snarling with intensity
And fire in the eyes
Where others shrink and cower, the
Warrior does arise

Ability to not let fear
Control your destiny
To not let nervousness or worry
Make you hide or flee

Courage is the knowledge that
What cannot end your life
Only serves to make you stronger
And sharpen the knife

It gives you more experience
And makes you more aware
That is why a warrior
Is not so quick to scare

They see the opportunity
That lies in every trial
Another conquered obstacle
To throw upon the pile


2 Responses to “Code of Bushidō: Courage (Yu)”

  1. zendictive November 2, 2011 at 7:39 pm #

    bows (~_~) humble


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