Code of Bushidō: Rectitude (Gi)

1 Nov

Code of Bushidō: Rectitude (Gi)

The first virtue of Bushidō
Is Rectitude which means
Justice taken into all
Of your daily routines

“Just what is right?” some folks will ask
“What makes you think you know?”
“Who are you to think you can
Enlighten us and show?”

The answer is I’m just like you
And we all know deep down
The difference between right and wrong
Though some do try to drown

The voice that tells us what is right
The conscience deep within
The truth that keeps us from shortcuts
And leads to our chagrin

Therein lies the key factor
Behind true rectitude:
It’s when choices that are not
Popular are pursued

It’s when everyone else cheats
And scams and lies and steals
And you refuse to go along
And sacrifice ideals

It’s when you decide to stand
Apart from everyone
Be labeled as “pious” as
They all insult and shun

It’s when you don’t think just of
Your own comfort and gain
It’s when you don’t focus on
All that you can attain

It’s when balance, fairness and
Equality are more
Important than all of the nice
Trinkets that you can score

Without it, all your talent and
Learning will do no good
Unless the virtue of justice
Is fully understood

Making the decision that
Is not the easy one
The one that is not popular
The one that is not fun

It may elicit much unrest
And grievance from the crowd
But warriors can’t hear them ‘cause
Combined they’re not as loud

As the voice that’s deep within
Demanding rectitude
A warrior cannot ignore
That voice and can’t elude

A warrior is confident
And never loses face
As long as rectitude is something
They fully embrace



2 Responses to “Code of Bushidō: Rectitude (Gi)”

  1. zendictive November 2, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    I always enjoy your writes, this one is unique… Bushido; honor, a code of conduct, The Way of the Warrior…(~_~) bows humble


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