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Mr. Specific

30 Nov

Mr. Specific

There once was a man named Specific
Who liked things to be done his way
He wanted things all black and white
And never wanted them to be grey

“I’ve got this specific idea”
Specific would always proclaim
And if someone else deviated
He’d only look it as a shame

“It’s not what I’m picturing in
My head for this particular piece
It has to be exactly like
My idea for me to feel peace”

One day he encountered a man
Who went by the name Mr. Different
Who didn’t have the same idea
Which lead to a big argument

“It has to be like my idea”
Specific would fluster and shout
“Things must be just as how I thought them
There can be no alternate route!”

But Different’s idea worked as well
As Specific’s did, but he would not
Relent and accept that perhaps
There could be another good plot

So Different decided to call
All of the townspeople together
And they would all have a big vote
And together would all decide whether

Specific’s idea was the best
Or if Different’s plan was ideal
Different did not want to win
Instead he wanted to reveal

To Specific that people decide
Which way that things should now advance
That no idea is definite
Someone else’s thoughts could help enhance

The people all voted and said
Both ideas seemed to be very good
It shattered Specific’s perception
Dumbfounded and speechless he stood

Mr. Different smiled and then said
“There’s always more than one way to
Do something, it’s not just your own way
And your selfish Specific view”

I wish that I could tell you Specific
Had a change of heart like the Grinch
Unfortunately for Specific
Letting go would not be a cinch

For years did Specific and Different
Work on their ideas parallel
Different took in much advice
Specific would only repel

Different produced many things
That for many people did excite
Specific was not as productive
‘Cause he never could get things quite right

They had to be just as they were
Inside is his own ego-filled head
The thought of not getting his way
Filled Specific with fear and dread

And Different would just laugh and smile
And tell him “Get over yourself”
“Stop being so darned self-absorbed
And thinking just your mind has wealth

‘Cause everyone’s not going to look at
The world from the same point of view”
And left it then up to Specific
As to if he stayed little or grew



29 Nov


Come on in for our grand sale
The Holidays are near!
This weekend is your only chance
To get discounted cheer!

Lots of toys and gadgets that
Have been priced way too high
Are now on sale but we warn you:
There’s limited supply!

You’ll have to come down early and
Wait outside in the cold
There won’t be any rain checks or
Placing items on hold!

When we open, you will have
To rush through our front doors
Shoving past the other patrons
To get what is yours!

You’ll have to shuffle very quickly
Past the other buyers
Who are just as focused as you
On getting their desires!

Hopefully you’ll get there first
And beat them to your treasure
It’s every man and women for
Themselves and their own pleasure!

Sorry if you didn’t get
To that TV in time
But so far selfishness is still
Not considered a crime

Hopefully you can find something
Else we’ve got on sale
It would be quite a shame to wait
In line to no avail

But don’t worry, it’s still much fun
To come out and take part
In all the madness of buying
Cheap presents from the heart!

And we must say, you bring joy to
Us sellers on sale days
By doing your impression of
Some rats loose in a maze!

It’s entertaining to see you
With flyers in your hands
Trying hard to satisfy
Those material demands!

Because it isn’t Christmas ‘till
The gifts are bought and wrapped
Once you’re in the maze, you can’t
Get out, no sir, you’re trapped!

So pick up something that’s on sale
For that special someone
A mother, father, husband, wife,
Daughter, niece, nephew, son!

Buy it just to show you care
And save yourself some cash
All it’s going to cost you is
Your patience as you dash!


I Don’t Tweet

28 Nov

I Don’t Tweet

The social networking tool that
Is growing in support
More rapidly than most is the
One that must be kept short

Seems to me that everyone
Is Twittering today
But with just a hundred and
Forty letters to say

What is on your mind, our thoughts
Are being simplified
There isn’t much room to express
Inspire or confide

I tried it for a while, tweeted
Quotes that roused my vigor
But many times I couldn’t post
‘Cause limit wasn’t bigger

So I found myself tweeting
About trifling deeds
Like what I had for breakfast or
My material needs

A new trinket that’s coming out
That I would like to buy
And other times I’d use it to
Kvetch, complain and cry

I finally did recognize
That status line was not
An ideal place to show my thanks
For everything I’ve got

Instead, it’s just an exercise
In ego, bragging, whines
A warrior who has a point
Needs more than just 2 lines

I saw the limits they imposed
And the effect is makes
A growing group of people who
Do not have what it takes

To keep attention focused on
A write that’s longer than
One hundred and forty keys:
A “novel” for trash can

Part of being warriors
Is saying “Not for me
I don’t abide what’s going on
And I do disagree”

So I don’t tweet, it’s not for me
I just don’t see what good
Tweeting does, two lines cannot
Help you be understood

Status lines and cell phone texts
And very short e-mails
Modern day communication’s
Giant epic fails

I’ll keep to writing “novels” and
Poems more than a page
For the ones who seek to be
Inspired and engage


Lost Love

27 Nov

Love Lost

Broken hearts are often told
“It’s better to have lost
A true love than to never have
Had it, despite the cost”

Many of us go into
Relationships on guard
Refusing to be vulnerable
Because we were left scarred

By the one who broke our heart
An unrequited love
Or someone who got bored of us
And quickly disposed of

Maybe they just “grew apart”
Or found somebody new
Or maybe it actually has
Little to do with you

Maybe it’s because they’re small
Or selfish or self-hating
Or are just happy to always
Be compulsively dating

Regardless of the scar that’s left
I know this much is true:
A warrior is not afraid
Of how things will ensue

If they open themselves up
To vulnerability
The lack of fear for themselves is
What sets their true love free

I can only tell you of
The few that I can claim
To have loved romantically
Without an ounce of shame

And when I opened myself up
And bared my heart and soul
The response has always been:
“You have made me feel whole

Complete, content, and satisfied
No longer wanting more
Also fearless and inspired
Because how you adore”

It’s true that not all loves will last
Some will just drift apart
While others will explode within
And tear up your poor heart

But when you think back and wonder
If it was a mistake
Please take solace in this knowledge
Though you may hurt and ache:

Despite the scars it may leave you
Don’t ever feel ashamed
Of being fearless and refusing
Your love to be tamed

Don’t you dare think twice that you
Should have been more subdued
There are enough in that group so
Yourself do not include

Think outside of yourself and
Instead think what you’ve given
Regardless of how many things
Are yet to be forgiven

Regardless of if the bridge is
Too burned to be repaired
Your duty on this Earth is to
Show that you always cared

It’s to show you always were
Fearless with all your love
The kind that’s only shown by the
Creator up above

No conditions to apply
And no rules to lay out
Just a pure and selfless love
That will leave little doubt

Yes, it’s better to have loved
And lost than not at all
As long as you just focus on
The courage, not the fall


Used To Be

26 Nov

Used To Be

Anything that you wish to
Improve about yourself
Whether it’s your attitude
Your bank account or health

Can be changed if you only start
To look at it this way:
“I used to be like that but now
Today is a new day”

If you’d only adapt this
Real simple way of thinking
To put your habits in the past
And from yourself unlinking

And say “I used to be angry”
Or “I used to be broke”
“I used to have a weight problem”
“I used to drink or smoke”

If you would just untie yourself
From how you have defined
If you would make it in past tense
And leave it all behind

Then one day soon you will look back
To recognize and see
That things you wished to change are now
The things you used to be



25 Nov


Oblivious means “unmindful”
“Unconscious,” “unaware”
But more than that, the meaning of
The word is “I don’t care”

A lack of understanding from
An inability
To walk a mile in another’s
Shoes for them to see

The way things are from a viewpoint
That isn’t just their own
To wear another’s shoes is a
Trait that is rarely shown

The root of the oblivious
Much like with many flaws
The reason, motive, explanation
Influence and cause

Is twofold: first, our nemesis
The Ego of the mind
The little self-important voice
That makes everyone blind

To other people’s challenges
Their struggles and their pains
The Ego is oblivious
To all but its own veins

Second is the need to always
Seek things of comfort
Most would not willingly walk
A path of ache and hurt

Most would not stray from their own
Nice painless and smooth road
In order to walk rough terrain
And bear a heavy load

Oblivious cannot relate
They need a doctor’s note
And not just any kind, they need
What a specialist wrote

Oblivious asks “Why?” but cannot
Glean from your reply
The answer that they’re looking for
Because they won’t apply

Your situation to their own
‘Cause they won’t sacrifice
Stepping out of their own mind
To pay another’s price

Do not fret over these folks
Instead, have sympathy
Because despite all of your chains
With open mind, you’re free

While they are slaves and prisoners
To their own selfish needs
And we all know where that smooth and
Oblivious road leads


Little Revelations

24 Nov

Little Revelations

It’s in the little things we do
And say that we reveal
Who we really are and how
We think and act and feel

Many are quite good at putting
On a phony face
They smile and laugh and try to charm
But they don’t have real grace

Because when opportunity
To show their true self comes
They are revealed by stressing out
Or madly flapping gums

They may put up the image that
They work hard for their dough
But taking elevators for
Two flights of stairs does show

That they will take all shortcuts that
Will cause them to sweat less
It’s in the little things like this
That these people confess

It’s when a person tells a tale
And it’s responded to
With little zeal and then the speaker
Recites their own view

Always changing the subject
To themselves and their tales
A revelation of ego
In the smallest details

It’s also so important to
Notice the little facts
That show people to be selfless
Those little, caring acts

A smile and a hello when
You walk by in the hall
A compliment, encouragement
A sudden, random call

Every single thing we do
Reveals to everyone
How much effort that we really
Put in this life’s run

Think about it next time that
You think it doesn’t matter
Of the two I’ve talked about
Are you the first or latter?


Versatile Blogger Award

23 Nov
I have been given the versatile blogger award by Zendictive at his blog;


His daily training of positivity and inspiration makes him a a Zen Warrior in the truest sense. Thank you Art, I humbly bow before you, honored. 🙂

And the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award is :                                                                                    

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.                                                                                                                 
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

15 Versatile Blogger Award Nominations:


7 random things about myself:

  1. My favourite song is “The Ecstacy of Gold” from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” soundtrack
  2. I have two dogs, one giant (husky) and one miniature (Toy Fox Terrier)
  3. I’m growing a mustache for Movember to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer
  4. I still get a kick out of watching 80’s cartoons (never lose your inner child!)
  5. I’m growing my hair for Angel Hair for Kids
  6. My two favourite movies are The Shawshank Redemption and 300 (Hope & Strength!)
  7. I direct movies, music videos and co-host the movie review TV show Armchair Directors

Thanks again to Zendictive for the nomination, my first for this blog! And thank you to everyone who reads my writings. I wouldn’t still be doing this if you weren’t still reading this.

Peace & strength,

Wasted Days

22 Nov

Wasted Days

Observation: Monday to
Thursday for many folks
Are just four days in the way
Until weekend evokes

A sense of vigor to get up
And get some real work done
To finally address their tasks
Instead of simply shun

To get to work on that project
Or answer an e-mail
To get that letter in the post
Or follow up that sale

To find the time to exercise
Or get in touch with friends
It seems to me that many times
You’ll find most of these trends

Occur when Friday rolls around
Because the weekend’s near
But think of all that you could do
If you just got in gear

Instead on Thursday, Wednesday or
On Tuesday and not wait
Maybe even on Monday
You’d find you’re never late

You’d never scramble for deadlines
You wouldn’t feel so stressed
You’d find with four days extra of
Trying your very best

You’d get a lot more done not just
For yourself, but for others
You’d also find how often that
You would have all your druthers

Do not waste a single day
All seven are a chance
To grow in productivity
And steadily advance


Amazon book review request

19 Nov

Hello folks,

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It’s the little things…