Name Calling

27 Oct

Name Calling

Name calling is used by those
Who take things personally
It’s used by people who are much
Too focused just on “me”

They let their ego misconstrue
Opinions as attacks
If someone doesn’t agree then
It’s time to grind their ax

They throw out classics like “moron”
And “idiot” as well
The irony is that they are
Every slur that they yell

A stunning show of selfishness
To call someone a name
An act of self absorbedness
A deed of utter shame

A sign that they’re inadequate
The insult’s meant to build
Themselves at someone else’s cost
With abuse that is drilled

They give themselves away with every
Slam and scorn and taunt
They cannot speak maturely ‘cause
This deep down fact does haunt:

Their ego’s in control of them
It tells them they know best
And anyone who disagrees
Must be shown great detest

The ego never tells us things
Such as “To each his own”
“Agree to disagree” or “Best
To leave this one alone”

The ego says “How dare you?!” and
Makes it feel personal
It makes you just as ornery
And angry as a bull

It makes it quite impossible
To civilly discuss
Differing opinions ‘cause
It’s makes too big a fuss

“Moron,” “stupid,” “idiot”
Is what it resorts to
Because the ego doesn’t have
The power to construe

The focus and maturity
That all our spirits hold
And that’s precisely why egos
Insult and scorn and scold



2 Responses to “Name Calling”

  1. Sheena January 19, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    I think the ego is a big part of the vicious cycle for sure. I try not to react with “how dare you” because then I think I am above insults and we do not live in a utopia. I’m not and no one else is above being insulted, we think too highly of ourselves if we do. How we handle it is the biggest part. Meaning, I guess do we insult back? Or do we let the abuse continue? I don’t handle it correctly,it seems…but I don’t take it personally. I guess that’s the road towards being a better person…now if I could just ignore it and not add fuel to the fire :).

    • Warrior Poet Wisdom January 19, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

      I think you handle it fantastically. Very funny responses. And I always say that you can learn just as much from someone doing something wrong as someone doing something right, so there is something to be learned from people who are controlled by their egos. But those are lessons I’ve always learned very quickly. They’re too close-minded to waste extended amounts of time on. Part of living the warrior mentality for me is being aware of every act, no matter how small and seemingly trivial. When I think about spending another 60 seconds interacting with someone who’s far too egotistical, I think about the 60 less seconds I can spend conversing with someone who’s respectful, open minded, supportive, and all those gooey-good things. Egotists are a great test of time-management. 🙂

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