Nothing’s Silly

21 Oct

Nothing’s Silly

The other day a man came in
The room where I had sat
My father taught me chivalry
To not make greetings flat

He taught me that it’s respectful
To stand up, offer hand
Give a handshake and make sure
Your hello isn’t bland

I always say the little things
Are what tell us the most
Nuances reveal to us
If one’s bored or engrossed

I learned a lot about the man
As I stood up and greeted
He couldn’t help but mumble something
Chuckling as he seated

This wasn’t the first time that I
Had encountered this man
By now he should have been aware
Of my greeting game plan

Still it seemed silly to him
That I’d stand up and shake
Probably because that’s not
An effort that he’d make

He’s the type of guy that stays
Sitting when you walk in
He’s the type of guy that might
Not even give a grin

I’ve seen this type before, the kind
That doesn’t even try
Their salutations are quite cold
To stranger and ally

Because they think it’s silly to
Show someone else you care
They think it’s quite embarrassing
Whenever one does dare

To stand apart from the pack and
Show respect, passion, heart
“What will everyone think of
Me if I choose to start

Thinking for myself and not
Caring what they will say?
They’ll all think that I’m silly if
I show I give a hay!”

As I said, the little things
Reveal the truth to others
This man proceeded to show me
That he preferred his druthers

To be reserved, embarrassed and
Fearful of scrutiny
His fear of being silly holds
Him back from being free

Fear of being labeled such
By others in fear too
Afraid of what they’ll think and of
The ridicule they’ll spew

Here’s the secret, here’s the key
Of overcoming fear:
How many people have you
Met that are filled with cheer?

Of everyone you’ve met, how many
Do not whine and cry
How many emit a love
And light you can’t deny?

How many people are in
Your life that influence?
That go the extra mile and
All their effort dispense?

When I thought about it, I
Saw it was very few
That had the radiance that I
So wanted to pursue

So then I thought just why the hell
Would I care what they thought?
Why would I care what one thinks
Who’s angry or distraught?

One who’s ungrateful or selfish
Or lonely or stressed
One who doesn’t recognize
All of the ways they’re blessed?

That was the defining moment
When I realized:
Nothing’s silly if you’re not
Afraid to be chastised

By frightened, egotistical
Or lazy people who
Do not have the wherewithal
Stand up and greet you



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