Jesus Walked

19 Oct

Jesus Walked

I’ve never been too keen on going
To a single place
Every single week to pray
And worship the Lord’s grace

Churches have just always seemed
A bit monotonous
A bit too easy, too familiar
And too little fuss

I started thinking about how
The Savior didn’t go
To the same building each week
To make His parish grow

Jesus walked and came to those
Who needed strength and hope
Jesus walked to heal the sick
And help downtrodden cope

Jesus walked and didn’t have
A set weekly routine
Jesus walked which kept His legs
As well as His faith lean

Explore, venture, get off the beaten
Path you always travel
Forgo the comfortable paved roads
And set out on the gravel

Walk out of your comfort zone
And change, adapt, discover
Only when you look in new
Places will you uncover

New people, new challenges
New things to overcome
Enliven all those senses which
Have grown tired and numb

Follow in the footsteps of
The Savior and start walking
You weren’t meant to simply sit
And listen to some talking

If you’re blessed with legs then walk
And put your faith in motion
Sitting and listening doesn’t
Take any devotion

Don’t just hark on what Christ said
Take heed of what He did
Jesus never stayed put and
He surely never hid

Think about it next time you
Get in your car and drive
Down to church, just ask yourself
“Is this how people thrive?”

Maybe you’d be better off
To stretch your legs instead
And put to use all the things in
The Bible you have read



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