Chemical Beauty

13 Oct

Chemical Beauty

Lipstick, mascara
Some blush on the cheeks
Hair curled and tousled
With highlights and streaks

Bright red nail polish
And long fake eyelashes
Bleached teeth that blind
When their smile flashes

Some girls work so hard
To accentuate
Their natural beauty
To increase heart rate

To arouse and enliven
The men in their lives
These sweethearts and girlfriends
And partners and wives

Paint themselves up
And in doing so hide
Themselves with every
Cosmetic applied

With every brow tweezed
With every grey dyed
With every injection
Their true selves they hide

Some take it further
Go under the knife
To cling to their beauty
They’ll endure much strife

The saying “skin deep”
Is quite apropos
A fitting way to
Describe those shallow

Concerned with the surface
With what the eyes see
Myself? I prefer
The ones who are free

The ones confident
To wear their true face
To see blemishes
And not try erase

To embrace their wrinkles
The strands of grey hair
To not care if men
Will notice and stare

The ones who know that
The kind of men who
Just care how you look
Do not have a clue

On how to look deep
And see what’s within
They’re not after heart
They’re just after skin

So next time you stand
In front of the mirror
Holding that lipstick
Lean a bit nearer

Take a look closer
At what you are covering
Look close enough
And you’ll be discovering

You’re using the products
Of companies that
Want you to think
Your beauty is flat

That you need accents
And highlights and blush
To make all the men
Excited and gush

The truth is there’s nothing
As beautiful as
The confidence that
A warrior has

The feeling that she
Doesn’t need factories
To make products that
Will help her appease

Nothing’s as gorgeous
As women who know
They’re pretty enough
To makeup forgo

The stunning ones who
This wisdom do reap:
That chemical beauty’s
Only skin deep



3 Responses to “Chemical Beauty”

  1. maketodayawesome October 13, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    “So next time you stand
    In front of the mirror
    Holding that lipstick
    Lean a bit nearer

    Take a look closer
    At what you are covering
    Look close enough
    And you’ll be discovering”

    Those lines are amazing
    Like gems they stand
    Deep meaning
    In a poem easy to understand xD

    But have you thought,
    For some it may be,
    Their banner, their armor
    their way of saying: This is me!

    • Warrior Poet Wisdom October 13, 2011 at 11:50 am #

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it and glad to hear it resonated.

      As for cosmetics being their banner or armor…see the poem “Tool-Less.” Warriors need no tools, weapons or armor. They understand that everything they need, they already have within them. The rest is just “window dressing.” 🙂

  2. maketodayawesome October 17, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    ohkay.. sounds interesting.. thanks for replying and clearing that up.. I will look that post up !
    – =)

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