10 Oct


It’s written in the Bible
Book of Matthew, seventh verse:
“Judge not lest ye be judged” and many
Do seem to rehearse

These words whenever someone has
A thought or observation
The truth is that on judgement this is
Not the sole quotation

“Open thy mouth, judge righteously
And plead the needy’s cause”
Proverbs thirty-one and nine
Commanding to show flaws

In Luke verse seven:fourty-three
Jesus gave Simon praise
He said “Thou hast rightly judged” when
He heard of Simon’s ways

Thirty-seventh verse of Psalms:
“The mouth of righteous speak
Wisdom and his tongue talketh
Of judgement,” not the weak

Later, in Psalms one-nineteen
Ezekiel twenty-two
Two:fifteen Corinthians
Has this enlightening view:

“But he that is spiritual
May judgeth all things, yet
He himself another man’s
Judgement will not beget”

The point to all of this is that
When someone grabs a Bible
Says “Judge not lest ye be judged”
Or warns of speaking libel

We must recall that verse was for
A certain situation
In that moment, he who judged
Himself had more damnation

The fear of judging because we
May be judged in return
Should be swapped with the desire
To attain, to earn

To try our very best in all
The things we do attempt
And not just sit on the sidelines
And hope we are exempt

To stay silent and be free of
The judgement of the Lord
It’s not a warrior’s purpose
To hide and be ignored

I do my best with every day
That He has given me
I use all of my passion to
Be all that I can be

I try harder each chance I get
To build my strength and poise
I concentrate, I focus and
I let go of the noise

I’m not driven by my ego
Not by my pride and greed
I’m driven by service to others
The warrior’s old creed

I judge the ones who I can tell
Are not trying their best
The ones who quit, the ones who cry
The ones who get so stressed

The ones who are so self-absorbed
The ones who just tear down
The ones who have so much to be
Thankful for, yet they frown

I’ll show some leniency for all
I judge except for one;
The man I see in the mirror
Gets absolutely none

And when the day comes when I will
Be brought before my Judge
I will have nothing to fear since
I do not hold a grudge

I hold no ill will for the ones
Who’ve failed me, who did lie
For anyone who gave up or
Did not bother to try

I’ll stand with confidence by all
The things that I have done
A warrior is self-assured
And does not turn and run

Because my Judge will not be able
To shed any light
On any weakness that I didn’t
Always try to fight

So next time that you’re warned to not
Be judgemental, take heed
Of if the speaker is using
The scripture to mislead

And if they warn because they have
A fear to be judged too
Would they seem uncomfortable
With their life on review?

And have you lived your own life with
All of your heart and soul?
Are you content to look back on
Your journey as a whole?

If you lived a warrior
Fearless, courageous, brave
Then you have nothing to fear
What lies beyond the grave

You know within your heart of hearts
What’s right, what’s good, what’s true
Live those concepts every day
And let judgement ensue



One Response to “Judgement”

  1. wastelandexplorer October 10, 2011 at 8:00 pm #

    I liked this poem.

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