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The Code of Bushidō

29 Oct

The Code of Bushidō

Many different warriors
Have walked the face of Earth
From many different areas
But all shared the same worth

One of these was Bushidō:
“Way of the Warrior-Knight”
Although these ancient Japanese
Nobles are gone from sight

The seven virtues that they all
Adhered to still live on
The Warrior-Knight’s way continues
To inspire and spawn

People from all walks of life
To strive for Rectitude
Courage and Benevolence
Respect that they imbued

Honesty and Honor and the
Final virtue of
Loyalty all formed the code
Which set them all above

Other people who did not
Adhere to self-imposed
Laws and regulations that
Would keep their calm composed

Seven virtues that make up
The moral principles
That keep a warrior grounded
Whenever trouble pulls

Virtues that can anchor us
Firmly in peace and grace
Whenever anger, frustration
And setbacks show their face


When Nobody Cares

28 Oct

When Nobody Cares

I know well how it feels
You hope your work appeals
But no one pays attention
To your soulful invention

It came straight from the heart
A writing, song or art
But it falls on deaf ears
And quickly disappears

It seems that no one cares
Nobody stops and stares
No one has the time
To notice your sublime

And if it leaves you sore
How many do ignore
If nobody cares
About all your affairs

Just keep in mind one thing
As you paint or write or sing
There’s one who’ll always care
One who’s always there

One with gratitude
Who cannot be subdued
One who seeks your work
And it gives them a smirk

It’s you and you alone
Don’t ever cry and moan
That no one’s following
Please end your wallowing

And realize the one
That will not ever shun
Who knows just what you meant
Gives you accomplishment

Is none other than you
So next time you feel blue
That no one gives a crap
Just give yourself a slap

And know the only soul
That you achieved this goal
In honor of was yours
‘Cause it never ignores

It’s the one that matters
Appreciates and flatters
Makes you feel fulfilled
And sees that you are skilled

Appreciate yourself
Don’t look for fame or wealth
Because all of that pales
To what self-respect entails


Name Calling

27 Oct

Name Calling

Name calling is used by those
Who take things personally
It’s used by people who are much
Too focused just on “me”

They let their ego misconstrue
Opinions as attacks
If someone doesn’t agree then
It’s time to grind their ax

They throw out classics like “moron”
And “idiot” as well
The irony is that they are
Every slur that they yell

A stunning show of selfishness
To call someone a name
An act of self absorbedness
A deed of utter shame

A sign that they’re inadequate
The insult’s meant to build
Themselves at someone else’s cost
With abuse that is drilled

They give themselves away with every
Slam and scorn and taunt
They cannot speak maturely ‘cause
This deep down fact does haunt:

Their ego’s in control of them
It tells them they know best
And anyone who disagrees
Must be shown great detest

The ego never tells us things
Such as “To each his own”
“Agree to disagree” or “Best
To leave this one alone”

The ego says “How dare you?!” and
Makes it feel personal
It makes you just as ornery
And angry as a bull

It makes it quite impossible
To civilly discuss
Differing opinions ‘cause
It’s makes too big a fuss

“Moron,” “stupid,” “idiot”
Is what it resorts to
Because the ego doesn’t have
The power to construe

The focus and maturity
That all our spirits hold
And that’s precisely why egos
Insult and scorn and scold


Do The Possible

26 Oct

Do The Possible

Many people focus on
The goals that are immense
The wishes deemed “impossible”
By those with “common sense”

We’re riddled with encouraging
Uplifting words of how
Nothing is impossible
When there’s sweat on your brow

But here today, I’d like to shed
Light on a different type
Of task, the kind that’s possible
The kind that gets no hype

It’s in the possible things where
We often come up short
So for these possibilities
Let me give this support:

When you’ve finished dinner and
You want to have some more
Remember that it’s possible
To get up and ignore

The food that’s on the table
It’s quite possible to place
The leftovers back in the fridge
And show your waistline grace

If you’re sitting on the couch
And watching some TV
It’s possible for you to click
It off and that room flee

Possible to walk outside
And walk around the block
Possible to choose your health
Over the TV’s schlock

If you’ve got the munchies, it is
Possible instead
Of eating junk, to grab some veggies
‘Till you’re feeling fed

When someone starts to piss you off
It’s possible to breathe
And keep your cool instead of getting
Upset while you seethe

It’s possible to say “Thank you”
When someone’s kind to you
To show appreciation for
The selfless acts they do

It’s possible to say “I love you”
To one that you love
All your shy throat and mouth need
Is just a little shove

So ask yourself, “What’s possible?”
The things that aren’t that tough?
And do the possible instead of
Impossible stuff


YOU Are The Problem

25 Oct

YOU Are The Problem

This message goes to anyone
Who struggles with a vice
And thinks that outside factors are
At fault, YOU should think twice

Do not blame your shortcomings
On anything but YOU
It’s time YOU took a moment from
Complaining to review

That YOU’re the one who isn’t trying
Hard enough to make
Your situation any better
And deal with your ache

YOU’re the one who lets others
Get all under your skin
That hands over the power to
Others who deal chagrin

YOU’re the one who isn’t trying
Hard enough to break
Bad habits, to realize
Giving in’s a mistake

YOU can’t blame the weather or
Blame the economy
It doesn’t take a microscope
To be able to see

That most things wrong in your life are
Because of YOU and how
YOU sit and play passenger
And constantly allow

Stressing factors to control
Your mood, your joy, your fear
Take a look in the mirror
And the real problem’s clear:

A person who can take control
But chooses to sit back
And hopes that things will get better
And prays to God for slack

The problem won’t be solved until
The person in the mirror
Leans a little closer and
Sees themselves a bit clearer

Sees the dormant warrior
That’s sleeping deep inside
Realize the Creator
Already did provide

Everything that YOU need to
Conquer all of your fears
All of your frustrations and
Explore all new frontiers

Awake that fighting spirit deep
Inside YOU and YOU’ll see
The warrior within YOU will
Proceed to set YOU free

Of all of your temptations and
Your shortcomings, your flaws
YOU’ll find that where before YOU ran
Your warrior now draws

Strength from situations that
Would usually just drain
Everything’s a challenge to be
Conquered, even pain

Let the spirit of your warrior
Awake and solve
The root of the problem and all
Your vices will dissolve


Move On

23 Oct

Move On

For warriors the words “I quit”
Are never, ever spoken
But there’s another phrase we should
Utter when wills are broken

Not our own, the will of a
Warrior can’t be cracked
I’m speaking of the ones we try
To inspire and impact

Rest assured, my warriors
There will be those who can’t
Reap any of your wisdom
‘Cause their ego won’t grant

Any idea that did not
Originate with them
Words can’t reach their hearts unless
They came from their brain stem

I’ve watched in awe as people have
Argued against the fact
That we all have the power to
Triumph over what’s lacked

That focus, training, concentration
Effort and resolve
Is the only way to grow
To adapt and evolve

“Yeah, but” is the way they start
And that’s enough for me
To wash my hands and realize
They’re not a good trainee

They want a comfortable life and
Don’t want to have to sweat
They want all of the world’s joys but
Don’t want to pay the debt

They beg the Creator to take it
Easy on them, please
Warriors instead live by
The wise words of Bruce Lee’s:

“Do not pray for easy lives”
The Dragon once did say
“Pray for the strength to endure
Difficult ones today.”

If you’re a warrior and you
Stand before someone who
Doesn’t have the will to hear
Your words and follow through

Do not fear that you’re quitting
You’re not, you’re moving on
Your strength is needed other places
Where it will help spawn

Courage and resolve within
The people who are able
To want to try to grow in peace
And make their stresses stable

Move on ‘cause you’re wasting precious
Time as well as air
Move on to other people who
Are passionate and care

Let go of egotistical
Self-centered people that
Are too set in their ways to ever
Be moved by your chat

Move on with confidence in knowing
That you tried your best
Head up, chest out and take comfort
In knowing you addressed

A simple-minded person who
Can’t find the time to try
Who’d rather bitch and whine and sob
And fret and stress and cry

And wait for someone else to come
And fix all their issues
Warriors are well aware
You’ll need more than tissues

You’ll need to see that what you need
Is not the help of God
It’s not a friend or two or three
Or an entire squad

What you need is already
Within you, but it’s hard
So for the ones who don’t like it
The warriors discard

They leave behind the ones who drag
Without any remorse
And if a seed’s been planted, then
We’ll see you down the course


Do The Work

22 Oct

Do The Work

A common response people have
To many of my writes:
“If only we could be that strong
And ascend to those heights”

Wishing will not get you there
And waiting won’t help you
A warrior once told me how
I’ll pass it on to you:

“Do the work,” he simply said
And then sat silently
From his quiet tone I could
Tell that he could foresee

That most people he told this to
Would never do the work
They want the giant muscles but
Don’t do the clean and jerk

They want the toned athletic shape
But do not want to sweat
They want to live a stress free life
But continue to fret

They want the wisdom to live lives
Of substance, meaning, hope
But when the writings of wise men
Appear, they just say “nope”

“I’m not much for reading” or
“I’m too busy right now”
“I’ve got a lot of things going”
“My schedule won’t allow”

If you do not make the time
It will never be there
If you do not make the time
It shows how much you care

That warrior that spoke to me
Had encountered so many
That all wanted to be like him
But very few, if any

Did the work to learn and grow
To master their own mind
They saw the price that must be paid
And most of them declined

And now I know why he did speak
So quietly that day
Why there was no vigor in
The words that he did say

‘Cause most people just love the thought
Of being wise and strong
But do not like the hard truth that
The training is lifelong

“Do the work” I say to all
Who think “I wish I could”
‘Cause wishing, craving, and waiting
Won’t do you any good


Nothing’s Silly

21 Oct

Nothing’s Silly

The other day a man came in
The room where I had sat
My father taught me chivalry
To not make greetings flat

He taught me that it’s respectful
To stand up, offer hand
Give a handshake and make sure
Your hello isn’t bland

I always say the little things
Are what tell us the most
Nuances reveal to us
If one’s bored or engrossed

I learned a lot about the man
As I stood up and greeted
He couldn’t help but mumble something
Chuckling as he seated

This wasn’t the first time that I
Had encountered this man
By now he should have been aware
Of my greeting game plan

Still it seemed silly to him
That I’d stand up and shake
Probably because that’s not
An effort that he’d make

He’s the type of guy that stays
Sitting when you walk in
He’s the type of guy that might
Not even give a grin

I’ve seen this type before, the kind
That doesn’t even try
Their salutations are quite cold
To stranger and ally

Because they think it’s silly to
Show someone else you care
They think it’s quite embarrassing
Whenever one does dare

To stand apart from the pack and
Show respect, passion, heart
“What will everyone think of
Me if I choose to start

Thinking for myself and not
Caring what they will say?
They’ll all think that I’m silly if
I show I give a hay!”

As I said, the little things
Reveal the truth to others
This man proceeded to show me
That he preferred his druthers

To be reserved, embarrassed and
Fearful of scrutiny
His fear of being silly holds
Him back from being free

Fear of being labeled such
By others in fear too
Afraid of what they’ll think and of
The ridicule they’ll spew

Here’s the secret, here’s the key
Of overcoming fear:
How many people have you
Met that are filled with cheer?

Of everyone you’ve met, how many
Do not whine and cry
How many emit a love
And light you can’t deny?

How many people are in
Your life that influence?
That go the extra mile and
All their effort dispense?

When I thought about it, I
Saw it was very few
That had the radiance that I
So wanted to pursue

So then I thought just why the hell
Would I care what they thought?
Why would I care what one thinks
Who’s angry or distraught?

One who’s ungrateful or selfish
Or lonely or stressed
One who doesn’t recognize
All of the ways they’re blessed?

That was the defining moment
When I realized:
Nothing’s silly if you’re not
Afraid to be chastised

By frightened, egotistical
Or lazy people who
Do not have the wherewithal
Stand up and greet you


Modern Day Racist

20 Oct

Modern Day Racist

Racists hate people who have
A different shade of skin
They access the part of their brain
That says, “He’s not your kin”

This selfish, egotistical
Small corner of their mind
Exists in every one of us
It’s part of all mankind

Only ego can access
This hateful, fearful place
The part that won’t accept someone
Who’s from a different race

“Different” is the key word here
The root of this issue
And it goes much deeper than
Just one’s outer tissue

This same dark corner of the mind
Is accessed when one sees
Someone with a different thought
Someone who disagrees

“I do not like that person ‘cause
They think different from me
They wear a different style of clothes
Or maybe they’re artsy

They use a different way of speech
Or like a different brand
Of music, movies or reading
That I just cannot stand

They work for competition of
The place that pays my bills
Or work for my same company
But they have different skills

I’m in this department here
And they are over there
Their division is one for
Which I just do not care

And then there’s people on my team
Who are too different too
I don’t like them because they don’t
Do things the way I do

I cheer a different sporting team
Than one that they cheer for
Neither of us play the game
But I still feel at war

I can’t believe you voted for
Someone that I don’t back
Anything that’s different is
A personal attack!”

If you’ve been perplexed by one
Who thought different from you
Be aware the area
That you’re wandering to

It’s the same place in your mind
That Klan members have gone
To terrorize the black people
And let their hatred spawn

It’s the same place where Nazis
Wandered when they did kill
Millions of people who weren’t
Able to fit their bill

And it’s the same place that’s accessed
Today as soldiers die
‘Cause the one pulling the trigger
Can’t turn a blind eye

Think about it just a bit
Next time your ego takes
The rest of you to that dark place
For different people’s sakes


Jesus Walked

19 Oct

Jesus Walked

I’ve never been too keen on going
To a single place
Every single week to pray
And worship the Lord’s grace

Churches have just always seemed
A bit monotonous
A bit too easy, too familiar
And too little fuss

I started thinking about how
The Savior didn’t go
To the same building each week
To make His parish grow

Jesus walked and came to those
Who needed strength and hope
Jesus walked to heal the sick
And help downtrodden cope

Jesus walked and didn’t have
A set weekly routine
Jesus walked which kept His legs
As well as His faith lean

Explore, venture, get off the beaten
Path you always travel
Forgo the comfortable paved roads
And set out on the gravel

Walk out of your comfort zone
And change, adapt, discover
Only when you look in new
Places will you uncover

New people, new challenges
New things to overcome
Enliven all those senses which
Have grown tired and numb

Follow in the footsteps of
The Savior and start walking
You weren’t meant to simply sit
And listen to some talking

If you’re blessed with legs then walk
And put your faith in motion
Sitting and listening doesn’t
Take any devotion

Don’t just hark on what Christ said
Take heed of what He did
Jesus never stayed put and
He surely never hid

Think about it next time you
Get in your car and drive
Down to church, just ask yourself
“Is this how people thrive?”

Maybe you’d be better off
To stretch your legs instead
And put to use all the things in
The Bible you have read