Nothing Personal

23 Sep

Nothing Personal

Ever wanted to not do
Something and used the phrase:
“It’s nothing personal” and hoping
That it will not phase

The person that you’ve told it to?
That you mean no abuse?
That you just do not care enough
Or have time to make use

Of something that they’ve brought to mind?
A suggestion they’ve made?
An effort given to assist?
Some selflessness displayed?

“It’s nothing personal” is said
By those who do not care
A cop-out line employed by those
Who are not yet aware

That every single thing we think
Imagine or create
Is deeply fashioned with our own
Personality trait

“It’s nothing personal” tells us
The speaker doesn’t see
The integral part of ourselves
That made the idea be

And maybe that’s why many don’t
Connect with a concept
“It’s nothing personal” blinds them
From being that adept

It’s a way of thinking that is
Close-minded and blunt
A way of keeping distance and
Not having to confront

Personal issues that could be
Awkward and hurt feelings
Some think that it’s better to
Be detached in these dealings

A warrior is passionate
And therefore not afraid
To make things personal even
If egos do get frayed

A warrior knows that it is
Personal and accepts
Criticism from others and
Quickly intercepts

Their own ego when it screams
And flusters with offense
A warrior knows that they don’t
Require a defense

That life is not a competition
But you can be sure
Everything is personal
If your intention’s pure



One Response to “Nothing Personal”

  1. zendictive September 29, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    a good point (~_~)

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