You Can Run

21 Sep

You Can Run

There is an old saying that goes
“You can run but you can’t hide”
Avoiding things that cause you stress
Is no way to abide

I’ve never known a situation
Where staying away
Alleviated my unrest
And reduced my dismay

I’ve never known a man or woman
Who had raised my ire
That simply keeping distance from
Caused my blues to expire

Another quote that does ring true
“It’s a small world” they say
You never know which nemesis
Will pop up in your way

Each time that you come across
A person you can’t stand
Isn’t just coincidence
The chance encounter’s planned

Orchestrated by Creator
God, Buddha, the Force
Whatever you decide to call it
It controls your course

When you bump into someone
Or something from your past
It’s not just a bad happenstance
That you should run from fast

You should recognize it as
An opportunity
To work on your patience and ego
Instead of just flee

The truth is that we overthink
How bad things truly are
We think the wound’s still fresh when it’s
Actually an old scar

Healed over so long ago
And left without an ache
Although the body’s moved on well
The mind still cannot shake

The memory of what happened
It wants protection from
The culprit that so long ago
Made all our joy succumb

Running and not facing things
That do threaten your peace
Will only end up causing it
To steadily decrease

Every time you turn and run
You feed the fear in you
Things that you do not want to
Talk of will just pursue

They have a way of popping up
When you are least expecting
And if your reflex response
Is running and protecting

You’ll never settle anything
You’ll never grow and learn
You’ll never get over yourself
And for your own concern

A warrior does not run from
An awkward situation
A warrior is armed with love
And endures the duration

Of the chance encounter with
Their patience, strength and grace
A warrior conquers every
Unpleasant thing they face

They walk away from these meet ups
No longer feeling dread
All because they held fast when
Most others would have fled

They do not try to “win” a battle
They don’t insult and glare
They understand that nothing’s solved
By those who scream and swear

“Agree to disagree” is what
A warrior proclaims
Words that do convey the urge
To dissipate the flames

Words of confidence that still
Allow another to
Hold on to their own ideas
And their own point of view

A mutual respect achieved
So if paths cross once more
The urge to run and hide’s replaced
With a bit of rapport

Think of all the folks and things
That you want no part of
And realize how simple it
Would be to quell with love

Wouldn’t it be nice to not
Have anything to fear?
To not have to run and hide from
Something year after year?

Speaking as a warrior
Who doesn’t fear a thing
Who doesn’t hold any grudges
And to hate does not cling

The best thing one can do is stop
Running away aghast
Hiding from the things you fear
And instead holding fast



3 Responses to “You Can Run”

  1. zendictive September 22, 2011 at 11:01 am #

    my step dad always said, “hit a problem head on like a bull!”

    my wife says, “I had fear surgically removed along time ago!”

    I always say, “I’ll give ya one, if I like ya, I’ll give ya two but I rarely give some one three chances to do me wrong. (~_~)

  2. Warrior Poet Wisdom September 22, 2011 at 11:29 am #

    I used to adhere to the same mentality as you. I’ve found more peace and joy in giving others unlimited chances, stranger or otherwise. I don’t let the fact that they aren’t doing their best keep me from doing my best. It’s the ego that keeps us from letting things go and having preconceived notions about others and how they’ll behave. Those preconceived notions can sometimes block positive experiences.

    • zendictive September 22, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

      wow, I like that (~_~) food for thought

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