A Good Day

13 Sep

A Good Day

When the sun has set tonight
And the moon ascends
When the final hours pass
And one more day ends

Will you be able to look
Back from the time you rose
All the way to when you go
Off to your bed to doze

And say that it was a good day?
That you had tried your best?
That you took the time to see
All the ways you are blessed?

Will you be able to say
You took the bull by horns
That you refused to pass the buck
And you survived the thorns?

Did you take charge and control
And make it a good day?
Or did you let someone’s issues
On you heavily weigh?

Did you leave it in the hands
Of someone else to pick
If you had a good day or
If your ass got a kick?

Did you wait for someone to
Decide to make you glad?
Did you let an asshole stress
You out and make you mad?

Did you hand over control
Of what your mind would feel
To a person or event
That would all your joy steal?

Were you just a bystander
And hoping for the best?
Standing, waiting in one spot
Instead of on a quest?

To make something of yourself
In the day ahead?
Or did you count down the time
Left ‘till going to bed?

Can you look back on the day
And say in honesty
“I made it a good one today
Because I was gutsy

Instead of keeping my mouth shut
I spoke up and said loud
‘That doesn’t work for me’ and split
Myself off from the crowd

I didn’t just stand by and let
The hours go to waste
There was not a minute where
Potential wasn’t chased

No man or woman I met
Was able to succeed
In stealing any of my joy
Because I’m a rare breed

I am a warrior and so
I’m in complete control
And no one or nothing can ever
Stop me from my goal

Of looking back twenty-four hours
Without any dismay
Being able to proclaim:
‘Today was a good day’”



Speak up, fellow Warrior!

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