7 Sep


Weather must be changing
Bones all throb and ache
The dagger in my shoulder
Now feels like a stake

Gravity is pulling
Even harder when
All the leaves are falling
Off the trees again

Every shift in weather
Connects to a nerve ending
Every time it rains
A new pain is sending

Most see cloudy days
As just a dreary thing
Not a scorpion
That all day does sting

All my joints inflame
Depending on the weather
Storm and shoulder rumble
And thunder all together

Lighting strikes across
The sky while bright lights flash
Across my eyes when daggers
In my body slash

“Oh no, a dreary day”
I hear and shake my head
“You have no idea”
My thought words go unsaid

I grit my teeth and wait
For the next sunny day
Connected to a climate
That won’t as much weigh



2 Responses to “Connected”

  1. Yoly September 9, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    Not sure what health condition you’re experiencing but it sounds arthritic, possibly auto immune? At any rate have you heard of grounding or earthing? ( ) Many have found benefit from this technology for most (if not all) health conditions. I use the grounding mats while at work and while I sleep. I LOVE it! Just thought I’d make you aware of it. Much love…

    • Warrior Poet Wisdom September 9, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

      Good guess! Yes, it is arthritic (injury related).

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve never heard of grounding/earthing but I’ll certainly be looking into it.


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