Big Mouth

5 Sep

Big Mouth

I know a selfish person who
Is their own focal point
If there happen to be many
People in the joint

This selfish person doesn’t care
What anyone does say
They don’t care who the party’s for
In honor of that day

They figure out a way to make it
All about themselves
With drama, conceit and big mouths
Is how their ego delves

To steal away all the attention
‘Cause they can’t concede
The world does not revolve around
Just them and all their greed

The selfish person lives inside
Their own contorted head
The certain giveaway is how
Often these words are said:

“I” is a popular one
And “me”’s another hit
“My” is one that’s often used
And “mine” we can’t omit

They listen to your exploits and
Then find a way to shift
The story into their own ‘cause
They think they are a gift

To the world and everyone
That walks and breathes and lives
Little do they know the truth
That no one really gives

A crap about what they have done
Or seen or learned to date
‘Cause they don’t tell their tales out of
An altruistic trait

They speak because they like to hear
The sound of their own voice
Talking just about themselves
Is what makes them rejoice

And ever notice just how loud
These selfish people are?
They think that words will carry weight
If they just travel far

Sorry, doesn’t work that way
‘Cause from experience
It’s the ones who spoke softly
That always made most sense

Because they didn’t feel the need
To grab the attention
Selfless people are content
If they are paid no mention

‘Cause they’re not controlled by a
Big loud mouthed ego that
Feels the need to notify
The world of where they’re at



2 Responses to “Big Mouth”

  1. zendictive September 5, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    perhaps they’ll be a silent praying mantis in another life (~_*) I enjoy your writes

  2. Warrior Poet Wisdom September 5, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Hopefully! Thanks, I’m enjoying your Zen stories as well. 🙂

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