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Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol I: Peace available on iTunes

30 Sep

Greetings fellow warriors!

Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol I: Peace is now available in several different formats across the web. For a month’s worth of inspiration, motivation and empowerment, visit any of these fine retailers and find the format that best suits you:

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Many different ways to get the book. Hope you’re not too “busy” to give it a read. 😉

Wishing all of you continued strength, focus & inspiration!


Actually Serious

30 Sep

Actually Serious

There is a phrase that I have heard
So many times before
Said to me by folks who didn’t
Think I’d do the chore

Of going through with plans I laid
Of putting in the sweat
And blood and tears required to
Get all that I do get

“Wow,” they often start and look
Astonished and amazed
And then all say the same thing as
Both of their eyebrows raise

“You’re actually serious about
This new thing you are doing”
Surprised that after talking big
Someone is now pursuing

Something that they said they were
Going to put their time
And effort and their passion in
And maybe drop a dime

Or two or three to fund the thing
To get it off the ground
To make it more than just a figment
Floating all around

Inside their head where other thoughts
Pop in and out all day
I’d really like to know why more
Don’t do the things they say

I’d like to know just why it is
That the human mind boasts
So much about aspirations
Then it simply coasts

And lets the seconds tick by as
No effort is put in
Why it’s not able to stick
From start all way to ‘fin’

“Yes,” I’ve said to many folks
“I am quite serious
To say you’ll do something then not
Is deleterious”

That’s a big word that just means
It’s harmful to your health
Talking big with no action
Will just impede your wealth

And I’m not talking bank account
I’m talking wealth of peace
Of fortitude and focus and
Resolve, they’ll all decrease

Every time you talk big but
Don’t back it up by being
Actually serious about
That thing, you’re guaranteeing

That next time an idea pops in
Your head, there’s a bit less
Of a chance that your new venture
Will ever progress

The reason I can say, “Yes I’m
Serious about this book”
Is because I took it just as
Serious as I took

My TV show, my feature film
And music videos
Followed through with every single
Thing I did propose

‘Cause talk is cheap and anyone
Can say they’ve got a goal
Only those quite serious
Can make that idea roll


Warrior Poet Wisdom: Vol I on Barnes &

29 Sep

Greetings fellow warriors,
Warrior Poet Wisdom: Vol I is now available on the Barnes & Noble website. For a month’s worth of inspiration and motivation at a very modest price, visit Warrior Poet Wisdom on Barnes &

Book Overview:

Gone are the days of swords and shields, knights and paladins. But warriors still walk among us. Their strength and grace is as effective in dealing with today’s challenges as it was in olden times. Their intensity and resolve can be applied to every task in our day to day lives, from work to working out. Their patience and focus are essential to living a stress-free life. Their courage and fortitude allow us to seek success and happiness, not simply wait for it as so many others do. Their selflessness and love reveals to us the greatest purpose in life: service to others. Their balance and peace ensures that nothing will ever shake any of our other virtues. All of these elements combine to form the greatest inspirational tool of all: wisdom.

Peace + strength + grace + intensity + resolve + patience + fortitude + selflessness + focus + balance + courage + love = wisdom


28 Sep


There was a warrior poet
By name of Archilochus
Who’s motto about life
Has given me great focus

He said “We don’t rise to
Our expectation’s level
We fall down to our training”
This concept does dishevel

Many people who
Like to procrastinate
Who like to put off things
Until a later date

Lazy people who
Do not put in the work
Who have the chance to train
But always choose to shirk

And when the pressure’s on
They hope that they will rise
But do not see that lack
Of training’s their demise

There is a reason why
Our champions are great
They possessed common sense
To not just sit and wait

They trained themselves each day
And when their moment came
The level of their training
Is what achieved acclaim

There’s reasons why people
Who have gained much success
Got it and it’s not
Because Lord did bless

It’s ‘cause they did the training
They engaged every day
As a chance to try
To strengthen in some way

To deal with things like stress
And plans not going right
To not let disappointments
Dishevel or incite

So do you have a goal?
A dream you wish to chase?
Will you do the training?
Will you pick up the pace?

Do you have the patience
To understand it takes
A champion much time?
That there aren’t lucky breaks?

That you will not rise to
The level of ambition?
Instead you will fall to
Whatever your condition

Is when moment comes
The shape that you are in
Based on how you’ve trained
Decides a loss or win


Making It

24 Sep

Making It

I had a chit-chat recently
With someone who had heard
That I do some work with movies
Which caused them to be spurred

To give me some advice on how
To become a success
Without having any knowledge
Of my field they did guess

That since I write and make movies
The only thing to do
Is to move to Los Angeles
And watch success ensue

Several topics came to mind
While this fool tried to teach
That fame and wealth are the two goals
For which I should now reach

To say he was a fool may seem
A bit harsh on my part
But it’s a great word to describe
Someone who isn’t smart

Dictionary defines ‘fool’ as
Someone who’s weak-minded
One who lacks judgement or sense
Someone who has been blinded

I asked this fellow, “What is fame?”
And his response told me
All he pictured was his name
Flashing on a marquee

I asked him “What is fortune?” and
It was clear that he thought
Wealth is based solely upon
The money that you’ve got

I asked him one last thing and that’s
“What’s happiness to you?”
It seemed to be a question that
Came right out of the blue

Once again he hadn’t thought
About where his joy lies
A fool who’s let other folks say
What happiness implies

That it comes from “making it”
From being top of class
That it’s based on accolades
And riches you amass

People like this fellow here
Should take a moment and
Think for themselves and forsake
All other people’s brand

Of success and “making it”
And come up with their own
One that defines happiness
For them and them alone

Do not strive for what the others
Tell you to strive for
Conventional accomplishments
Are ones you should ignore

Your purpose here is not just to
Win awards and get rich
Your purpose is to do the work
And other lives enrich

You do not have the same purpose
As any other person
Going after someone else’s goals
Just makes joy worsen

Think about just how unique
You are and do not fall
Into someone else’s goals
Which are defined too small

Head up, chest out and say loud
“That doesn’t work for me!”
I have no wish to see my name
Flashing on a marquee

I do not need my films to be
Seen by millions of fans
I do not need a flashy red
Carpet premiere at Cannes

I do not need to rub elbows
With Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt
I do not need a horde of wealth
To say that I’ve “made it”

And I don’t need the advice of
A fool who hasn’t made
The effort to learn of my craft
Except for what it’s paid

“Making it” for me is something
That is day to day
When the sun has set is when
I look back and survey

Did I give all of myself
To be my very best?
Did I employ patience and
Courage in every test?

Did I push myself as far
As my body could go?
Did I make an effort to
In some way try to grow?

Did I let go of things that
Did threaten to upset?
Did I never once complain
About some pain or sweat?

I don’t need to be in L.A.
New York or Toronto
To say I’ve “made it” anymore
Because of this I know:

Regardless of what ground’s beneath
My feet at present time
Every day I’ve “made it” when
I’ve completed my climb

So to the fool I spoke with, “Thanks”
But I don’t need advice
From someone who believes that fortune
And fame will suffice

Because it’s very clear to me
By watching those who do
Even though they’ve “made it” they just
Haven’t got a clue

They got what other people told them
That they had to get
But somehow they’re still miserable
Stressed out and quite upset

I’ll trade that any day for all
The peace and grace I’ve got
By straying from that tired course
And making my own plot


Nothing Personal

23 Sep

Nothing Personal

Ever wanted to not do
Something and used the phrase:
“It’s nothing personal” and hoping
That it will not phase

The person that you’ve told it to?
That you mean no abuse?
That you just do not care enough
Or have time to make use

Of something that they’ve brought to mind?
A suggestion they’ve made?
An effort given to assist?
Some selflessness displayed?

“It’s nothing personal” is said
By those who do not care
A cop-out line employed by those
Who are not yet aware

That every single thing we think
Imagine or create
Is deeply fashioned with our own
Personality trait

“It’s nothing personal” tells us
The speaker doesn’t see
The integral part of ourselves
That made the idea be

And maybe that’s why many don’t
Connect with a concept
“It’s nothing personal” blinds them
From being that adept

It’s a way of thinking that is
Close-minded and blunt
A way of keeping distance and
Not having to confront

Personal issues that could be
Awkward and hurt feelings
Some think that it’s better to
Be detached in these dealings

A warrior is passionate
And therefore not afraid
To make things personal even
If egos do get frayed

A warrior knows that it is
Personal and accepts
Criticism from others and
Quickly intercepts

Their own ego when it screams
And flusters with offense
A warrior knows that they don’t
Require a defense

That life is not a competition
But you can be sure
Everything is personal
If your intention’s pure



22 Sep


We live within a world that pushes
The idea that things
Are better if they’re bigger and that
Upsizing just brings

Joy and happiness and sense
Of more bang for your buck
I’m here to tell you now if you
Fall for it you’re a schmuck

The restaurants will brag about
Their new great combo meal
Even more French fries and meat
That make it a great deal

But what they’ll never tell you is that
It’s just too much food
Devouring all of it will make
Your stomach soon protrude

The car dealer would have you think
You should be fully loaded
But truth is that his caring for
Customers has eroded

You go to buy a piece of tech
And there will surely be
Someone who will offer more
For just a little fee

Be weary of anyone who
Offers you an upsize
Be it car or fridge or house
Or clothing or French fries

They want you to believe that you
Are getting a great deal
The truth is something that they try
Their hardest to conceal

That less is more and you don’t need
Anymore than size small
Upsizing your meal will leave you
On the floor to sprawl

Making you lethargic because
It’s just too much fuel
For your body to process
At one time and keep cool

Upsizing your car won’t make it
Get from A to B
The basic model has the one
Thing that you need: the key

Getting the most recent tech
Is just not worth the price
Why pay twice as much when last year’s
Model will suffice?

Why would anyone fall for
The old upsizing ploy
When older, smaller size is something
You can still enjoy?

And often is much healthier
And better for your savings
If you just don’t give in to
All of your upsize cravings


You Can Run

21 Sep

You Can Run

There is an old saying that goes
“You can run but you can’t hide”
Avoiding things that cause you stress
Is no way to abide

I’ve never known a situation
Where staying away
Alleviated my unrest
And reduced my dismay

I’ve never known a man or woman
Who had raised my ire
That simply keeping distance from
Caused my blues to expire

Another quote that does ring true
“It’s a small world” they say
You never know which nemesis
Will pop up in your way

Each time that you come across
A person you can’t stand
Isn’t just coincidence
The chance encounter’s planned

Orchestrated by Creator
God, Buddha, the Force
Whatever you decide to call it
It controls your course

When you bump into someone
Or something from your past
It’s not just a bad happenstance
That you should run from fast

You should recognize it as
An opportunity
To work on your patience and ego
Instead of just flee

The truth is that we overthink
How bad things truly are
We think the wound’s still fresh when it’s
Actually an old scar

Healed over so long ago
And left without an ache
Although the body’s moved on well
The mind still cannot shake

The memory of what happened
It wants protection from
The culprit that so long ago
Made all our joy succumb

Running and not facing things
That do threaten your peace
Will only end up causing it
To steadily decrease

Every time you turn and run
You feed the fear in you
Things that you do not want to
Talk of will just pursue

They have a way of popping up
When you are least expecting
And if your reflex response
Is running and protecting

You’ll never settle anything
You’ll never grow and learn
You’ll never get over yourself
And for your own concern

A warrior does not run from
An awkward situation
A warrior is armed with love
And endures the duration

Of the chance encounter with
Their patience, strength and grace
A warrior conquers every
Unpleasant thing they face

They walk away from these meet ups
No longer feeling dread
All because they held fast when
Most others would have fled

They do not try to “win” a battle
They don’t insult and glare
They understand that nothing’s solved
By those who scream and swear

“Agree to disagree” is what
A warrior proclaims
Words that do convey the urge
To dissipate the flames

Words of confidence that still
Allow another to
Hold on to their own ideas
And their own point of view

A mutual respect achieved
So if paths cross once more
The urge to run and hide’s replaced
With a bit of rapport

Think of all the folks and things
That you want no part of
And realize how simple it
Would be to quell with love

Wouldn’t it be nice to not
Have anything to fear?
To not have to run and hide from
Something year after year?

Speaking as a warrior
Who doesn’t fear a thing
Who doesn’t hold any grudges
And to hate does not cling

The best thing one can do is stop
Running away aghast
Hiding from the things you fear
And instead holding fast