Pop Culture Poetry: Restored (Tron: Legacy)

25 Aug


He glides ahead on his light jet
And takes aim of the foes
Whoever’s on that gatling gun
Has kept him on his toes

He barrel rolls across the top
Of his enemy’s ship
The image of the pilot cracks
Across him like a whip

Time slows down as he comes face
To face with the creator
The user sees right through his mask
His expression cries “Traitor”

Although the moment passes by
Within a flash of light
To the former guardian
It feels like a fortnight

Sorrow and remorse wash over
The user’s old face
He’s aged so much since last they spoke
And not with any grace

He finishes his barrel roll
And the corruption fights
Harder than it ever has
But his old code invites

The former guardian to follow
What he’s meant to do
It started with a trickle at
The Disc Wars and then grew

As he thought more of the users
He swore to protect
Seeing his old friend now did
Help to fully reject

The corruption in his veins
Because he knew the truth
About his master, because even
Though his face had youth

It never once did show the pain
Or passion or the love
That the user showed just now
As he passed by above

His master locked his targets on
Their ship and took his aim
Too bad his old right hand man
Was no longer the same

“I fight…” the guardian growled
No more would he forget
“For the user!” as crashed
Into his master’s jet

As he plummeted towards
The sea of simulation
He felt an overwhelming sense
Of joy and liberation

He had to make sure his old friend
Was kept safe from the guards
He pulled his spare baton out but
It wasn’t in the cards

His master wouldn’t go so easy
He snatched away the spare
And formed another light jet in a
Brilliant flash and flare

It was the last thing that he saw
Before he was swallowed
By the sea of simulation
Just darkness followed

The liquid penetrated him
And his power did sever
Everything shut down as he
Slowly sunk forever

He saw a tiny blue light grow
And felt his power course
Restoring him to what he was:
The system’s guarding force


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