Pop Culture Poetry: Corrupted (Tron:Legacy)

25 Aug


Something eats away at him
A conflict in his code
Somewhere he’s been rewired
To not access the node

That does define just what he is
A guardian of all
Although he can no longer hear
He still can feel the call

Cycles pass while he ignores
The splinter in his mind
That whispers he is no longer
Free roaming, but confined

Shackled by the copy of
The one who made this place
Many cycles had now passed
Since last he saw that face

The real one, not the clone who thinks
He’s without imperfection
The more he thinks, the more he sees
The clone’s a pale reflection

Of the man who brought him in
To watch over the weak
Ever since the user left
This world’s been much more bleak

He readies for another game
Of Disc Wars for the crowd
They chant a name that’s not his own
But all he hears is loud

Whirring from his systems which
Now warble from inside
Amplified by the helmet
In which he does now hide

He battles the next contestant
This one seems not the same
He moves and thinks so differently
Not shackled by the game

His reflexes are lightning fast
He dodges and evades
Every single offensive
Attack he takes and trades

The former guardian sees a
Moment to end the fight
He takes the challenger down and
Goes to turn out his light

But something trickles to the Grid
A single drop of blood
“User!” he growls to himself
And all emotions flood

It’s the first time in a while
He’s said something aloud
The corruption retreats from
The slowly lifting shroud

But suddenly it takes a hold
Of his systems once more
Causing him to break the oath
That he at one time swore

He brings the downed combatant to
His master to appraise
As the two converse, he stands
Corrupted, in a daze

A mindless drone no longer meant
For protecting his peers
But once again, for just a moment
The corruption clears

“User” echos in his mind
“I fight…” he starts to think
But before he finishes
His resolve loses sync

The corruption takes over
And once again he waits
Serving every order that
The look-a-like dictates

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