Why Ask Why?

24 Aug

Why Ask Why?

There is a line from Elbert Hubbard
That I like to quote
This brilliant philosopher
A long time ago wrote:

“Never explain, your friends do not
Need it and neither do
Any of your enemies
‘Cause they won’t believe you”

It got me thinking about what
The question “Why?” does mean
The more I think, the more I see
How much it does demean

It shows a lack of understanding
Trust or benefit
Of the doubt to someone else
Perhaps they can’t admit

That their ego’s too controlling
To just let it go
They have to get that explanation
‘Cause they want to know

“Why?” is what those with no faith
Ask to those they don’t trust
“Why?” is what a cynic says
When they feel that they must

Hear an explanation that
They won’t buy anyway
“Why?” is what you hear a person
With no patience say

Add it to my list of words
I won’t use anymore
File it between “busy”
and “later” in the drawer

‘Cause the answer to “Why?” is
Not one I have to mention
The explanation’s plain to see
If you just pay attention



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