23 Aug


Impatience comes from thinking that
There’s just not enough time
To finish all the tasks you’ve got
To complete your steep climb

I notice people agitated
When they have to wait
As seconds tick, they roll their eyes
And let patience deflate

They don’t want to wait anymore
They want it right away
They’ll never learn it’s not that fast
They just stand with dismay

Frustrated and stressed out ‘cause
Things are not going smooth
Never realizing that
It’s patience that will soothe

Patience is the one thing that
Will ward off all the stress
Patience is what you should use
When something slows progress

Frustration comes from expecting
Something that can’t be done
If you just take a moment
To breathe and slow your run

If you just accept that this
Person you’re dealing with
Can’t get it done by the first
But maybe by the fifth

If you realize you’re not
As busy as you seem
If you recognize that “busy”
Is a common theme

That it is the reason why
You often get so irked
You’d realize that you’re in fact
Not really overworked

You think, “This needs to get done by
The deadline or I’m dead!”
But you don’t see the cause of your
Frustration’s in your head

What can’t be done just can’t be done
It’s as simple as that
Stressing, screaming, threatening
And acting like a brat

Isn’t going to change the fact
That this deadline’s no use
No need to feel misery
And no need for excuse

“Not going to happen” is
All that you need to say
Accept the situation and
Let patience come your way

Get out of the habit of
Trying to meet deadlines
A warrior is not constrained
By a date that confines

Instead a warrior follows
Guidelines of what to do
A simple plan that’s flexible
In case things go askew

And a warrior does not
Expect immediate
Patience is the trait that will
Cause their stress to remit


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