Pop Culture Poetry: Hands of Steel

20 Aug

Hands of Steel

This traveller comes
From far away
A planet in
Full disarray

A world severed
By hate and lust
For power that’s
Left dead to rust

This shepherd sees
The end is near
And knows he must
Leave all that’s dear

He calls his flock
To board their ship
But are so weak
They can’t equip

The vessel to
Defend from foes
The traitors board
And come to blows

The shepherd uses
Hands of steel
To show his flock
Just how to deal

With anyone
Who tries to take
The peace that they
Want to remake

He knows even
Though they are fleeing
Freedom’s the right
Of a sentient being

He grabs a foe
And hoists him high
And hurls him at
The foe’s ally

The two careen
Into their chief
He swats them off
Like a small leaf

The silver scourge
Lifts on his arm
An instrument
Of deadly harm

The cannon swells
With purple light
But before
It can ignite

Two hands of steel
Come forth and grab
The cannon and
Then throw a jab

Across the silver
Terror’s face
Knocking him
Off of his base

The shepherd lands
A mighty kick
Which dents his
Nemesis’s thick

Armor and he
Doesn’t wait
With hands of steel
He grabs the plate

And spins the silver
Scourge around
Off of a wall
Then to the ground

The scourge smiles
A hint of pride
As the two
Leaders collide

He recalls how
The shepherd was
And what he’s now
Become because

Of being pushed
To his limit
Most others
Already quit

But this shepherd
Was a rare breed
He refused
To concede

The freedom of
All of his friends
Where many hid
This one defends

“It’s over” the
Steel scourge does roar
And his own
Steel hands now bore

Towards the shepherd’s
Optic lights
But still fights

His followers
All see him hold
His own against
A foe twofold

The strength of him
And ten times more
In any war

His bravery
Rouses his flock
And soon with hands
Of steel they knock

And strike and blast
Those who attack
The time has come
To all fight back

The red and yellow
Brothers team
To throw the blue foe
Through a beam

The pacifist
Evades the sting
Of a null-ray
And grabs a wing

And hurls the foe
Towards the aged
Red warrior
Who’s now uncaged

The silver scourge
Sees all his weak
Prey’s courage now
Somehow pique

He now knows he
Must cut the head
Off of the one
Who’s courage spread

He bores down on
The shepherd’s throat
As wires snap
The scourge does gloat

“Die” his raspy
Voice does growl
But an ally
Is on the prowl

The black and white
Brother jumps on
While the small green
Brother with brawn

Grabs hold a leg
The two give all
To save their shepherd
From the maul

It’s all he needs
With hands of steel
He takes control
Makes his foe reel

The silver scourge
Has no one to
Come to his aid
Where is his crew?

Why don’t they help
The fight he’s in?
He sees the white one
At him grin

And then remembers
He trusts no one
Their treacherous
Help he needs none

The shepherd sees
The scourge lose trust
In all his troops
And knows he must

Always have it
For all his team
It’s what makes
His side supreme

Before the duel
Can be decided
The ship becomes
All misguided

It spins out of
Control and stalls
Pulled towards
The Earth and falls

Swooping down
To then collide
Crashing into

Eyes slowly dim
The shepherd knew
Chances were slim

But as his mind
Does fade away
A heavy heart
Will never weigh

He fought with hands
Of steel and saw
That none of his
Flock did withdraw

They did not cower
They did not weep
They followed bravely
Rose to keep

Their freedom and
They made him proud
They broke free of
The fearful shroud

His lights go out
He sleeps and waits
To hear the telling
Of their fates

When one day rock
Will not conceal
All the mighty
Hands of steel


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