Pop Culture Poetry: Super

19 Aug


Up up and away
The hero flies
Soaring through
The city’s skies

Veering through
The concrete maze
Searching for
The one that prays

For miracle
To come their way
Up on the bridge
Some kind of fray

A kid’s school bus
Hangs off the edge
Upon the ledge

People cry
And scream and shout
Frozen with
Fear and doubt

Chaos, bedlam
Terror grips
As the school bus
Now quickly slips

“My God, the kids!”
A man cries and
Jumping forward
Tries to land

A futile grip
On the transport
He’s just a few
Inches too short

The vehicle
Careens and dives
Taking with it
Those young lives

For a moment
Not a word
Then someone says
“Look, it’s a bird!”

“No it’s plane!”
Someone else tries
But then they see
Him in his guise

They shout his name
And all rejoice
But he hears just
His father’s voice

“Live as one
Of them, my son
To find where your
Strength should be done”

The bus plummets
Towards the blue
He feels winds lash
But powers through

“They can be great
They wish to be
They only lack
The light to see

The way to go
And since they’ve none
I’ve sent them you
My only son”

His father’s words
Always ring in
His mind wherever
He has been

He swoops under
The bus before
It crashes into
The cold shore

The kids look out
Their windows and
In unison
Give him a hand

They cheer and shout
And jump around
As he gently
Sets them down

They thank him for
All those he’s saved
But praise is not
What he has craved

He flies up and
Gives them a smile
Hoping that
After a while

The light he casts
Will show the way
To all the good
They can display


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