Intensity Apology

19 Aug

Intensity Apology

I’d like to take a moment to
Say sorry for a trait
That annoys some lazy folks
And on their nerves does grate

“You’re just a little too intense”
Is what these cow-eyed folks
Say to me when I attempt
To motivate and coax

“Relax, calm down, don’t go so fast”
Is their indifferent plea
But laziness has blinded them
And they just cannot see

That they’ve mistaken my focus
Passion, intensity
For being “much too wound up” to
An unhealthy degree

The irony’s despite the fact
That I’m all aches and pains
I’m ten times healthier than blood
That lumbers through their veins

Too many people have just quit
There is no forward motion
In contrast to their dead stop
My sprint causes commotion

“You’ll have a heart attack if you
Don’t pace yourself, you know!”
They warn as they take baby steps
And timidly walk slow

“Perhaps it’s you who’d benefit
From one big heart attack
It’d be the first time in a while
It pumped blood” I say back

And if you live or die, then let’s
Be real honest and fair
If you don’t survive that’s one
Less person wasting air

And if by miracle somehow
You do survive the pains
You’ll just have taken your first step
To breaking free of chains

That hold you back and drain your strength
And keep you firmly stuck
“Sorry I’m so damn intense?
Nah, I don’t give a f**k”



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