Say It!

16 Aug

Say It!

I recently chatted
With someone who I thought
Hated my damn guts
Because of how we fought

It took me years to see
We went about it wrong
Egos were too big
To ever get along

Different handles on
Concepts like respect
Took me quite a while
To get my ego checked

To get over myself
To not be sensitive
Focus less on “get”
And focus more on “give”

I let go all my anger
And all my disappointment
Forgiveness that I felt
Was like a soothing ointment

On the wound of hate
Mending that deep tear
Allowing me to once
Again for that soul, care

So with my warrior strength
And courage and resolve
I made an effort to
Make our rancor dissolve

And I was caught off guard
When old foe did decree
It had been many years
Since they’d forgiven me

“I didn’t know” is all
I could think of to say
“I didn’t know” is all
I kept thinking that day

Why not speak your mind
If you have words that will
Uplift a person’s spirits
And hope in them refill?

Be the shining light
For others to follow
(even if  it calls
for much pride to swallow)

What on Earth’s the reason
A person wouldn’t speak
The words that would make someone’s
Viewpoint look less bleak?

Is it fear that those
Who do receive your words
Won’t appreciate?
Will think it’s for the birds?

I’ve given many kudos
To people who weren’t grateful
Never did it once
Make me feel more hateful

Why keep your mouth closed?
Is it out of fear
They won’t appreciate
And will instead just sneer?

So what if they do not
Repay your gesture by
Giving back an equally
Altruistic try?

It’s not about reaction
Of what you will get back
It’s about all your potential
To rise above the stack

Of people who don’t have
Courage to say things like
“I’m sorry” or “I love you”
That fear should take a hike

What good’s a father’s pride
For his daughter or son
If he keeps his feelings
Always on the run?

Shouldn’t husbands tell
Their wives how much they care?
Is there really that much harm
In leaving their heart bare?

Why would brothers think
That everything is cool
But not speak up and say it
Perhaps one’s a proud fool?

Why would friends think time
Just passing makes it fixed?
That all the days and months and years
Have made the problem nixed?

That’s just not good enough
We know we can do better
It’s just our own ego
That stops us from that letter

Or e-mail, text or phone call
That can resolve the fight
Don’t just assume it’s all
Forgiven and alright

‘Cause even if we think
It’s plainly understood
Silent feelings don’t
Do anyone much good



Speak up, fellow Warrior!

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