14 Aug


Sometimes as the years go by
The meaning of a word
Will change to something else and leave
Its definition blurred

Words like “sick” which now means well
Or “gay” which has to do
More with who you’re partnered with
Than having a keen view

Another word that’s taken on
A new meaning of late
Is the word “poem” which now
Has a depressing trait

Most poets cry of heartache
The misery they feel
How life is hard and cruel and tough
To whom does that appeal?

They couple thoughts of hopelessness
With rhymes to make you think
That their message is cheerful
When it just makes you sink

“Not another poem!” is what
So many folks say
Whenever they see rhyming verses
Littered with cliché

Of dread and dreariness and all
Those things that bring you down
“Poem” is a word I think
Should be let go to drown

It’s time to give ballads that have
A message of wisdom
Or hope or strength or love or peace
A name that’s not so glum

How ‘bout something that reflects
A feeling of the glow
And warmth that positive rhymes give
‘Glow-em’s one way to go

Or maybe something that reflects
The beauty of their point
Borrowing a word from France
‘Beau-ems’ we could anoint

Or maybe something to convey
The onward, upward motion
The outpouring of upbeat thoughts
‘Flow-ems’ of raw emotion

Or maybe warrior poets
Should stand up and take back
The name that has been taken by
The dark and dreary pack

Fight to reclaim their lost word
By writing upbeat tales
Peace will always take the wind
From melancholy’s sails

Take back “poem” and leave it
With something that describes
All the hopeless attitudes
And pessimistic vibes

‘Crow-ems’ for all those who cry
‘Low-ems’ for those knocked down
‘Foe-ems’ for those that cling to hate
‘Woe-ems’ for those that frown

One way or another something
Should be done about
The nomenclature of all rhymes
So that there is no doubt

Of what a person is reading
Before they start first line
A ‘Woe-em’ that will darken lights
Or ‘Glow-em’ that will shine



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