13 Aug


Let me beat my chest a bit
In Warrior-like fashion
About a group for which I don’t
Have all that much compassion

I mainly speak of love and strength
And optimistic things
But that does not mean I just see
The works of knights and kings

Though I don’t dwell on the acts
Of those who aren’t their best
I’ve ignored them long enough
It’s time they were addressed

Cowards are the focus of
Today’s rhyming essay
The kind of people who will turn
And run to get away

Cowards think just of themselves
Their own comfort and bliss
Speed bumps that get in the way
A Coward can’t dismiss

They complain about problems
That happen every day
Get down in the dumps instead of
Charging through the fray

Cowards run away and leave
Their family and their friends
Without the thought of who will be
The one who now defends

Cowards will look left and right
To see what others think
If someone voices discontent
The Coward will then blink

Cowards want an easy fix
To make them feel all better
They cannot do it on their own
The Coward’s not a sweater

You’ll never see it trickle down
The temple of their face
Unless the bead is made of fear
A trait they can’t erase

A Coward is afraid of losing
All material things
A Coward is a puppet who
Cannot get free of strings

Cowards always think the worst
They are devoid of hope
They don’t know how to deal with it
They don’t know how to cope

Cowards have no passion in
Themselves to give them strength
They like to keep safety close by
And hazard at arm’s length

Cowards cannot take the blame
For mistakes they have made
Their comfort would be ruined by
The price that must be paid

Cowards are so lazy that
They don’t often get out
And the few that do just spend
The time to bitch and pout

Cowards are so busy and
Don’t have the time to see
That if they just tried to make time
A Warrior they’d be

If they stopped running away
And faced the chasing dread
If they fought with all their might
The Coward’s skin would shed

If they filled themselves with hope
And faith and discipline
If they recognized that all
Those traits come from within

Then they’d see that Cowardice
Won’t get them anywhere
The only way to beat it is
To walk into Fear’s lair

Beat your chest and say “I’m here!
Come give me your best hit!
No matter what you throw at me
This Warrior won’t quit!”



Speak up, fellow Warrior!

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